It"s difficult to believe it has been virtually 13 years since Troy premiered — and also Brad Pitt took on the mythical function of Achilles.

In a fight over Helen, played by the talented and beautiful Diane Kruger, Brad"s flawed hero went to war versus the princes of Troy, Hector and also Paris, played by Eric Bana and also Orlanexecute Bloom.

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While we all know just how the story ends, it"s still just as fun to watch all these years later on.

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Plus, many thanks to the epic activity film, the world was presented to Hollyhardwood heartthrob Garrett Hedlund — and also for that we will certainly always be grateful.

To see what the cast is doing now, click with the gallery below!

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Brad Pitt as Achilles

As Achilles, Brad took on the Trojan Military with his Myrmidons before succumbing to an arrowhead swarm to the heel.

Twelve years later, the father-of-six recently starred in the World War II thriller Allied, and also is slated to show up in the sequel to World War Z later this year.

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Orlando Bloom as Paris

The British actor was perfect as Paris, whose obsession through married beauty Helen started a war!

The actor, who is turning 40 this year, is currently dating pop star Katy Perry and also making his very anticipated return to the Piprices of the Caribbean franchise alongside Johnny Depp.

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Eric Bana as Hector

As Paris" older brvarious other, Hector hregarding fight for his brother"s forbidden love with Helen of Troy — and it doesn"t end well for the Trojan prince.

The Australian actor will star in the Guy Ritchie directed King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, alongside Charlie Hunnam and Jude Law later on this year.

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Diane Kruger as Helen of Troy

Diane definitely had the ethegenuine beauty to pull off the one and also only Helen of Troy in the 2004 action film.

The Germale actress continues to steal the spotlight on the big display, starring in the blockbusters Inglourious Basterds and also National Treasure in the previous decade.

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Brendan Gleeson as Menelaus

As Menelaus, Brendan perfectly captured the betrayal the Greek king felt once his wife was stolen without warning by the young and handsome Paris— sparking the Trojan War.

Today, the veteran actor is recognized for his function in the Harry Potter series.

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R/R, Getty Images

Garrett Hedlund as Patroclus

Garrett"s first significant acting function was as Achilles" cousin Patroclus in the 2004 film.

Because his dehowever, he has actually end up being a Hollywood leading actor, landing roles in Tron: Legacy, Pan and also the upcoming Billy Lynn"s Long Halftime Walk

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R/R, Getty Images

Rose Byrne as Briseis

The Australian actress recorded Achilles" eye in Troy as Briseis, his war prize turned love interest.

Today, Rose"s career has taken a comedic turn via significant duties in Bridesmaids, Neighbors and also Spy.

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R/R, Getty Images

Sean Bean as Odysseus

It"s shelp that no Sean Bean character resides to check out the finish of a film — yet he does as Odysseus!

Next up for the unlucky actor is the BBC series Broken

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Brian Cox as Agamemnon

Brian took on the role of King Agamemnon, the hot-headed brother of Menelaus, in the activity movie.

Today, you have the right to watch the Scottish actor on the Netflix original series, Medici: Masters of Florence.

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R/R, Getty Images

Saffron Burrows as Andromache

The saying "Behind excellent guy is an excellent woman" perfectly defines Hector and Andromache"s relationship in Troy.

Saffron newly debuted her baby bump at the 2017 Golden Globes, wbelow her TV display Mozart in the Jungle was nominated.

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Peter O"Toole as Priam

The Hollytimber symbol illustrated King Priam, father of Hector and Paris, in the epic reinforming of The Iliad.

Unfortunately, the Lawrence of Arabia actor passed ameans in 2013 at the age of 80.

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