Randy Travis' songs are timeless, and the singer is one of the a lot of essential country music artists of his generation.

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Travis' 1986 debut, Storms of Life, assisted touch off the neo-traditionalist activity that brought Nashville earlier to its true country roots in the '80s. Because then, Travis has actually took pleasure in an exceptional run: He's charted more than 50 singles on the Billboard charts, consisting of 16 No. 1 hits.

Travis has made forays right into acting and spent a number of years focused on gospel music, yet the majority of the tracks in our list of the Top 10 Randy Travis Songs screen what the singer does ideal -- excellent, old-fashioned conventional country music.


"Look Heart, No Hands"

From: "Greatest Hits, Volume Two" (1992)

Travis scored a huge hit through this mid-tempo track, which compares falling in love to riding a bicycle downhill without holding on to the handlebars. The singer was at the peak of his success, releasing two greatest hits albums on the same day. "Look Heart, No Hands" was the second single from the second of those releases. Written by peak Nashville writer Trey Bruce and also Amazing Rhythm Aces member Russell Smith, the song reached No. 1 in 1993.


"Deeper Than the Holler"

From: "Old 8x10" (1988)

"Deeper Than the Holler" has become among Travis' signature songs. Released in 1988, the song became his sixth consecutive No. 1 hit, and also his eighth as a whole. Written by 2 of Music City's optimal songwriters, Paul Overstreet and also Don Schlitz, the song uses various down-residence metaphors to explain the feeling of true love. Travis' basic, heartfelt vocal delivery renders it among the Top 10 Randy Travis Songs.



From: "Storms of Life" (1986)

The second single from Travis' first album got to No. 6 in the country charts. The song looks earlier on a time prior to he narrator shed his true love. The song's original lyric referenced the year 1962, yet Travis asked that it be changed, because he would certainly have actually been just three years old at the moment. This is just one of several tracks in the Top 10 Randy Travis Songs from his game-altering deyet album, Storms of Life.


"Three Wooden Crosses"

From: "Rise and Shine" (2002)

Travis skilled a surpincrease career revival through "Three Wooden Crosses." He was focused on gospel at the time, but the song's message of faith and redemption was so global that it made its method to mainstream radio, wbelow it became his initially No. 1 single considering that 1994. "Three Wooden Crosses" additionally earned a CMA Award for Track of the Year, and a Dove Award for Country Song of the Year.


"Diggin" Up Bones"

From: "Storms of Life" (1986)

Travis scored his second back-to-back No. 1 hit through "Diggin' Up Bones." The mid-tempo track has actually a loose country feel and unique lyrical take on the a lot of countrified of all subject issue, heartbreak: "I'm diggin' up bones, I'm diggin' up bones / Exhuming things that's better left alone / I'm resurrecting memories of a love that's dead and gone / Yeah tonight I'm sittin' alone, diggin' up bones."


"Forever before and Ever, Amen"

From: "Always & Forever" (1987)

No list of the Top 10 Randy Travis Songs can forobtain "Forever before and also Ever, Amen." The first single from his second album, the track's compelling mix of rhythm and also melody, along with a perfectly-composed lyric about undying love, took it No. 1 in 1987. Anvarious other Travis classic composed by Paul Overstreet and also Don Schlitz, the song also won a Grammy for Best Country & Western Track, and also an ACM Award for Track of the Year.

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That's our list of the Top 10 Randy Travis Songs, however with a career this massive, tbelow are many kind of more to choose from. Are tright here various other songs you'd favor to have actually seen here? Or tracks that are right here that you think shouldn't be? Let us understand in the comments section below!

This story was initially created by Sterling Whitaker, and also revised by Angela Stefano.