Babsence sclera lenses bring that ultimate thrill factor that eincredibly Halloween freak would certainly desire to grab. These babsence contacts ignite the creative thinking and aid you achieve terrifically spooky looks. Either go entirely demonic by transcreating yourself right into an evil spirit or go casual – babsence sclera lenses will certainly make the cut!

Yes, you heard it best.. Babsence sclera lenses are no more overpriced

Gone are the days when you would spot SFX contacts just on substantial display and also in theaters. The prices of black sclera lenses have actually dropped dvery own considerably as a result of the climb in demand and also breakthrough in technology. Though these unique impact sclera lenses are still making little dents in your wallet; they are no even more ridiculously expensive. Earlier, babsence sclera lenses were even more than $200 that was not also a lifetime purchase for the majority of the human being. Fortunately; with an tremendous drop down in price tags, babsence sclera lenses are now more pocket friendly and also comfortable.

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Because babsence sclera lenses are consisted of of hydrogel product (an advanced lens product that facilitates oxygen permeability) the price is better than the consistent contacts. Furthermore, sclera contacts come in the wildest of the dimension i.e. 22mm. Being able to cover your eye completely (even the whites) these lenses carry the strongest opaque pigments to mask the original eye color. However, sclera lenses are retained transparent at the pupil to assist you view through.

Is it Safe to Wear Babsence Sclera Lenses?


Yes, provided you have sourced your sclera lenses from a reputable shop. Beware of novelty stores, Halloween flea markets and beauty salons offering cheap contacts. Authentic sclera lenses need to be ISO certified. Otherwise, it might be exceptionally injurious wearing novelty contacts. They might fade dyes in your eye or what worse than these contacts leaving your eyes scarred.

Do note that it is never a breeze of fresh air to toleprice sclera contacts. They cover your eyes totally which comassures on the oxygen circulation. This renders blinking slightly a painful suffer if worn for much longer duration.

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Why some sclera lenses are irrationally priced?


Prices vary significantly. Therefore finding a great deal right on the eve of Halloween can be nerve-wreaking. Do your homeoccupational i.e. believing the word of mouth. Discover from others’ experiences and also conserve yourself a great amount of money. The trick is to like machine-made sclera contacts over hand-painted. The differences in architecture and quality are minor yet hand painted sclera lenses would certainly price you a fortune. Until and also unmuch less you call for tradition made sclera contacts, you don’t really must invest in pair of hand-painted contacts.


Babsence sclera lenses make you look lifeless. Transformations via them are as creative as are your wildest inspirations. What is your take on sclera lenses? Dare to share?

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