Anyone who cooks will certainly always confront the same problem – how to open up a tight bottle cap?

It deserve to be a bottle of sauce, a jar of cream or a bottle of mineral water. You could even be figuring out exactly how to open up chicken essence bottle as we stop.

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These caps need to be tightly sealed so that it’s content deserve to be retained fresh.

But what happens once it’s screwed back on as well tightly? You’ve tried all sorts of means, from using your hands to using your teeth (not that we recommend that), and also yet, you find yourself panting and sweating as you stare at the stubbornly closed bottle.

Well, if you’ve felt favor this prior to, then you definitely need to recognize about these quick fixes for just how to open a tight bottle cap.

Due to the fact that it’s never before about your strength, however everything about your technique.

But before anything, please inspect whether you have to push up or down while turning it (child-proof lock). You won’t desire to look silly in front of all your friends.

How To Open A Water Bottle Cap or Any Tight Bottle Cap

Using Hot water

This is the easiest hack. Simply leave your tight cap bottle under running hot water, or you deserve to pour hot water into a bowl and soak your bottle cap inside.

After a brief while, the bottle cap will expand also and you can open the cap via ease! Just be careful not to scald your hands particularly if the cap is steel. Run it under cool water before opening!

Of course, you might wonder: wouldn’t the bottle expand also as well?

Yes, it will certainly, yet remember: the material of the bottle is generally softer, so also if it does expand also, it won’t obtain stuck in the cap.

Rubber Band

There’s a reason why your grandparental fees leave rubber bands near the sink.

To use this trick, ssuggest grab a rubber band and tie it approximately the bottle cap. Place a fabric over then use it to twist open up the cap.

Normally, the factor why you can’t open the bottle is not because you’re weak, yet it’s due to absence of traction: there just isn’t sufficient friction in between the bottle cap and your hands. It’s much better if you usage thick rubber bands but using those red ones work fine too!

Using Heinz Ketchup Bottle Cap

Typically (not constantly, of course), Heinz Ketchup bottle caps fit perfectly over the cap of a constant plastic bottle. Place it over the bottle cap then twist it. Your bottle will certainly provide easily! This isn’t really prompt bereason not every one of us have actually the ketchup bottle caps.

If you have tried all three hacks however still can’t manage to open up that damn bottle?

Well, probably you need to ask your father/husband to execute it for you. That’s what their strength is for; opening bottles.

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And if they can’t do it as well?

Buy a new bottle. The contents could have actually gone bad which bring about air filling in the bottle, expanding the mouth of the bottle.