Braeden Lemasters wpermits in his feelings in “1980s Horror Film,” after his crush, “Jaime” doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. The plot twist comes in the last Chorus as soon as Jaime… Read More 

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She, was just seventeenOh, why are girls in songs always seventeen?She, was from a movie sceneAnd now she plays in my head all dayShe called me upAnd let me inCouldn't feel my legsShe walked me backInto her roomBut just to seeA 1980s horror filmI, oh, I was so scaredShe had the curtains down so there was no glareShe pulled up a chair, and also offered me the bedAnd all these crazy points went with my headIt appeared so longI require someoneI don't understand what to sayShe was sitting thereI can touch her hairBut still we watchedHer 1980s horror film
JamieI don't understand what to say to youI feel you're always on my mindAnd currently that I know what I needI'm taking the lengthy means 'roundIn my mindIt's not rightI can't assist the method I feel anymoreAnd I require toAsk you, Jamie, ohCan it be that you feel this way too?The lights were offThe mood was rightShe came and lassist with meI looked right into her eyesAnd tried to make her mineBut then she said:"I'm really not that into guys"1980s horror film1980s horror film1980s horror film1980s horror film
Braeden Lemasters wallows in his feelings in “1980s Horror Film,” after his crush, “Jaime” doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. The plot twist comes in the final Chorus once Jaime describes that she’s just “not that into males.”

According to a fan that attfinished the band’s Phoenix display on March 20, 2019, Braeden defined that the 1980s film disputed in the track is Halloween 4: The Rerotate of Michael Myers.

An alternate variation of the track was released as a solitary on October of 2018, titled “1980s Horror Film II” which attributes some sonic distinctions to the original, but the lyrical content is the very same.

Braeden answers this question in an intercheck out with Variance:

“Technically I did. In my room, randomly out of nowbelow. I was reasoning about “Norwegian Wood” by the Beatles and that guitar riff; this song has actually that equivalent song structure and I wanted to compose the story in way that it starts to unravel things for the narrator. John took it right into another level in the studio via the production; what was an acoustic song—we lhelp it down that way—John then said, “Let’s go get freaky.” We started putting sub-bass on it, strings at the end and violin; it just took a life of its very own.”

That song came together pretty quickly sooner or later creating, so that’s how it began. The manufacturing of it though, we never really kbrand-new which way to take it. Tbelow was an acoustic way and a much more dreamy alternative method kind of like Alvvays. We ultimately made a decision in the studio to go via the acoustic vibe and also then simply layer a bunch of weird sounds throughout the track. We thought having actually these different strings and also tools that you hear on other lis10s would certainly be cool


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