Which of the following retains the indevelopment it's storing once the system power is turned off?

We have a series of HP Procurve switches. When I sue the command present mac-attend to, I acquire the full table of mac deal with to port assignments. The trouble is, I am getting on some switches, the exact same mac resolve on two ports. On others I am getting the exact same mac address/port combination listed multiple times.

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I am under the impression that this should never happen. Even HP"s very own documentation claims that it will assign one mac deal with to one port. I have actually thought about that tbelow might be a second path somejust how but it is hard to course out. If I chase the mac resolve down the alternate path it dead ends.

Is tbelow any way besides a redudndant loop this deserve to happen? Will a defective switch in the topology perform it? We freshly set up a mesh wireless mechanism. Can these cause difficulties of this sort?


Hi all and many thanks for responding. I did in truth gain to the bottom of this. First of all, the Mesh Wiremuch less was the culprit. Although I had actually compiled sufficient data from my troubleshooting methods to come to the very same conclusion, I gained a technology assistance perchild at Open-Mesh to tell me they are rewriting their firmware from the ground up because their strategy for blocking ports in a lan bridge environment was not working properly. Also, shutting off the mesh resulted in the packet storm to subside, which pretty much clinches it. Configured as a routing mesh also alleviates the troubles.

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The multiple ports through one mac resolve is described in an obscure record from HP which discusses the worry of some switches having single entry hardware tables, as opposed to some of them having multiple entry tables. The short article actually is treating the condition wright here a single entry tool that is doing routing associated through multiple physical links (as in static vlan connections) associated to a maker which offered a multiple entry table might cause a faitempt of Spanning Tree to appropriately deal with, which *might* have actually induced my particular worry, although it is speculation at this point. But what is clear is that some switches DO allow a table via a mac resolve getting here on multiple ports.