Pressure: pushing down on me, Pressing down on you, no man ask for. Under press that burns a structure down, Splits a family members in 2, Puts civilization on roads.

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That"s OK. That"s the terror of understanding What this people is around. Watching some excellent friends screaming, "Let me out!" Tomorrow gets me greater. Prescertain on world, human being on streets.
OK. Chippin" about, kick my brains "round the floor. These are the days: it never before rains yet it pours. People on highways. People on roads. It"s the terror of learning What this civilization is about.
Watching some excellent friends screaming, "Let me out!" Tomorrow gets me greater, higher, high! Pressure on world, people on roads. Turned away from it all favor a blind man. Sat on a fence, however it do not job-related. Keep coming up through love, however it"s so slashed and also torn. Why, why, why!? Love, love, love, love, love.
Insanity laughs under press. We"re breaking. Can"t we offer ourselves an additional chance? Why can"t we offer love that one more chance? Why can"t we give love, offer love, give love, provide love, provide love, offer love, provide love, provide love, offer love? "Cause love"s such an old-fashioned word, And love dares you to treatment for the civilization on the edge of the night, And love dares you to change our means of caring around ourselves. This is our last dance. This is our last dance. This is ourselves. Under pressure. Under pressure. Pressure.



sooo anyone realize that david bowie plus queen is literally kira plus killer queen?likewise vanilla ice


The kids watching this more than likely watch The Magicians and also that is beautiful. The show does a wonderful omage. Watch it through your children.

When international awakening happens and everyone holds hand also in unison and also love, this song have to be blasting into space as the Earth"s representative song of love.

I forobtained not to check out queen comment sections. People still milking Freddie’s fatality is pathetic. And yes, we all recognize vanilla ice ripped this off. Stop pointing out it.

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Me listening to radio Radio:Plays Ice ice baby at the begin Me:YAS I love under press Hears vanilla ice Also me:I gained excited for ice ice baby my life is over

Me: Okay, no even more queen for now, I need to study*accidentally clicks on this song*Me: Nononooo, go amethod, I need to...Under pressure: *starts to play*Me: Okay, fine. I guess it"s fate.

Donald trump i am computer illiterate that has actually paid taxes considering that 12 years old. I am homemuch less living in my truck on s side of atlanta. I still believe! Make american excellent aobtain. Ps i have a felony and also i truly ask your pardon so i can vote!!!