Lab – Configuring IPv6 Addresses on Netoccupational Devices Answers

Lab – Configuring IPv6 Addresses on Network Devices (Answers Version)

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Note: If end-to-finish connectivity is not established, troubleshoot your IPv6 resolve assignments to verify that you entered the addresses appropriately on all tools.


Why have the right to the exact same link-local resolve, FE80::1, be assigned to both Ethernet interdeals with on R1?______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Link-neighborhood packets never before leave the local netjob-related, so the same link-local deal with have the right to be offered on an interchallenge linked to a different neighborhood network.What is the Subnet ID of the IPv6 unicast address 2001:db8:acad::aaaa:1234/64?_______________________________________________________________________________________0 (zero) or 0000 (zeros). The fourth hextet is the Subnet ID of an IPv6 deal with with a prefix of /64. In the instance the fourth hextet includes all zeros and also the IPv6 Omitting All 0 Segment dominion is utilizing the double colon to depict the Subnet ID and the first 2 hextets of the Interconfront ID.

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Rexternal Interface Synopsis Table

Rexternal Interconfront Summary
Router ModelEthernet Interconfront #1Ethernet Interconfront #2Serial Interconfront #1Serial Interface #2
1800Rapid Ethernet 0/0 (F0/0)Quick Ethernet 0/1 (F0/1)Serial 0/0/0 (S0/0/0)Serial 0/0/1 (S0/0/1)
1900Gigalittle bit Ethernet 0/0 (G0/0)Gigalittle bit Ethernet 0/1 (G0/1)Serial 0/0/0 (S0/0/0)Serial 0/0/1 (S0/0/1)
2801Quick Ethernet 0/0 (F0/0)Fast Ethernet 0/1 (F0/1)Serial 0/1/0 (S0/0/0)Serial 0/1/1 (S0/0/1)
2811Quick Ethernet 0/0 (F0/0)Quick Ethernet 0/1 (F0/1)Serial 0/0/0 (S0/0/0)Serial 0/0/1 (S0/0/1)
2900Gigalittle bit Ethernet 0/0 (G0/0)Gigabit Ethernet 0/1 (G0/1)Serial 0/0/0 (S0/0/0)Serial 0/0/1 (S0/0/1)
Note: To uncover out exactly how the rexternal is configured, look at the interdeals with to identify the kind of rexternal and exactly how many type of interdeals with the rexternal has actually. Tbelow is no means to efficiently list all the combicountries of configurations for each router class. This table includes identifiers for the feasible combinations of Ethernet and Serial interfaces in the device. The table does not include any other form of interconfront, even though a particular rexternal may contain one. An instance of this might be an ISDN BRI interface. The string in parenthesis is the legal abbreviation that deserve to be offered in Cisco IOS commands to recurrent the interchallenge.

Device Configs

Router R1 (After component 1 of this lab)

R1#sh run