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Ever considering that his initially adendeavors in the people of Pokémon, Ash Ketchum has actually been among the best well-known and most renowned anime characters. The adendeavors that he and also his Pikachu, in addition to their friends, have had are recognized about the people and fans of the anime series still patiently wait for each new episode. And while Pokémon is much more than just the fights, one of the a lot of interesting and thrilling components of the anime are Ash’s battles versus the Gym leaders in each of the regions and also his last participation in the region’s Pokémon Organization. Although Ash always regulated to collect all the badges and generally had most success in the league format, he actually had actually little bit to no success in the actual finals. In today’s post, we are going to discuss why Ash shed in the Kalos League finals and whether that decision made any feeling plot-wise. Keep reading to discover out!

It seems that Ash lost in the Kalos League final due to a writer’s decision, as there was absolutely no logical feeling that Ash, via such a solid team and also a great tactical method, shed to Alain, who was not more powerful than him. It seems that the authors wanted to expand the display and they made Ash lose.

The focus of today’s write-up is going to be Ash Ketchum, the anime’s protagonist, and also his absence of success in the Kalos Organization finals. By many standards, Ash have to have actually won in that last, yet he did not. Today’s short article is going to study the reasons for such an end result and provide you all the crucial details.

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How did Ash reach the Kalos League final?

Before we actually discuss Ash’s fight in the Kalos Organization last, we’ll give you a short overcheck out of his road to that battle. Also, the term “Kalos League” is linked with the Pokémon games and was not offered in the anime. In the anime, the Kalos Organization was called the Lumiose Conference and was organized in Lumiose City. Each trainer who has won eight Kalos gym badges

The gym battles

Before advancing to the Kalos League last, a trainer hregarding acquire eight Gym Badges from the Kalos League Gyms. This is a principle used in each neighborhood arc in the Pokémon anime and also the Kalos area was no exception. The eight Badges Ash derived are:

GymLeaderBadgeEpisode Won
Santalune GymViolaBug Badge“Battling on Thin Ice!” (805)
Cyllage GymGrantCliff Badge“Climbing the Walls!” (824)
Shalour GymKorrinaRumble Badge“Showdown at the Shalour Gym!” (843)
Coumarine GymRamosPlant Badge“The Green, Eco-friendly Grass Types of Home!” (857)
Lumiose GymClemontVoltage Badge“The Moment of Lumiose Truth!” (866)
Laverre GymValerieFairy Badge“Fairy-Type Trickery!” (873)
Anistar GymOlympiaPsychic Badge“All Eyes on the Future!” (892)
Snowbelle GymWulfricIceberg Badge“A Real Icebreaker!” (921)

Now, we are going to briefly analyze Ash’s battles in the Kalos region and watch how difficult his path actually was.


As we have watched, the genuine victor of the Kalos Pokémon Organization was Alain. We have actually already described that his victory wasn’t all that logical and also was more of a (bad) decision by the authors than an actual proof of Alain being better than Ash. Yet, the young trainer won and also we can just congratulate him as he did prove that he was a match for Ash and through such a firm balance of powers, a tiny luck is all a trainer needs, so congratulations to Alain!

And that’s it for this day. We hope you had actually fun reading this and also that we helped fix this dilemma for you. See you next time and don’t forobtain to follow us!