Da Brat made history as the initially female rapper to go platinum yet she also ended up being notorious for having violent outbursts. One of which landed the rapper in prikid for numerous years. Since serving her time, Brat has made alters for the much better.

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Da Brat did priboy time for assault

The Chicago-born rapper is known for her abilities as a lyricist and also her stage moniker clues at her being bratty yet fans were shocked once they learned Brat obtained physical with someone. 

According to a 2008 MTV News report, Brat was sentenced to three years behind bars, as well as seven years of probation and 200 hours of community business after being discovered guilty of striking a womale in the challenge through a rum bottle. 

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The alleged occurrence occurred during a 2007 Halloween party at superproducer Jermaine Dupri’s house. The rum slashing left the victim’s confront permanently scarred. Brat pleaded guilty to the charge.

Per Georgia police, Brat and also the womale had long-standing issues. Unfortunately, Brat remained in legal trouble prior to for a comparable occurrence. In 2000, she was accused of beating a womale through a gun during a dispute over VIP seating in a nightclub. The victim got six stitches for a head wound. 

Instead of serving prichild time, Brat agreed to complete 80 hrs of neighborhood organization, serve a year’s probation and pay a $1,000 fine under a guilty plea to misdemeanor reckless conduct.

The rapper is open up about exactly how the experience adjusted her for the better

One of Brat’s other stipulations was having to finish anger monitoring courses. After being released in 2011, she vowed to readjust and also never go earlier.

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She’s utilizing her platdevelop to inspire others in equivalent situations and also be a model that one deserve to thrive on the various other side. In 2017, she saw inmates at the South Fulton Jail. while tbelow she told the media:

 I’ve constantly wanted to go back and also talk to woguys, inspire womales and tell them they have the right to. It’s OK to make mistakes. Just attempt not to make the very same mistakes over. It feels so funny being in here just walking approximately. It was kind of an eerie feeling for me because I never wanted to be earlier in that case, but this time I was on the various other side, and I was hopetotally emotional somebody’s heart.

She’s currently a radio hold and also fact tv star

Brat preserved the promise she made to herself. She’s currently a co-host on The Ricvital Smiley Morning Show eincredibly weekday. Brat additionally co-hosts the entertainment news radio and tv present Dish Nation.

As far as music, she’s taken a break from recording however got into acting by starring as Cleo in the phase adaptation of Set It Off.

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She’s also caught the fact television bug, appearing in Farming Up Hip Hop and also her own We TV spinoff Brat Loves Judy, the latter of which chronicles her life with her partner Jesseca “Judy” Ducomponent.