Well, damn. That just happened.

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After 3 seasons of rock star surgeries, sexy love scenes and a professional roller coaster at Hope Zion, Dr. Joel Goran (Daniel Gillies) is simply … gone. Even Charlie (Michael Shanks) and also Alex (Erica Durance) shippers couldn’t have actually seen that one coming.

In Wednesday night’s Season 3 finale of the CTV medical drama display Joel was killed off in the time of among the episode’s final scenes, in which he pulled a bomb from a patient and also wound up accidentally killing himself instead. Meanwhile Alex had her baby, bringing the entirety circle of life point … well, complete circle.

“We have actually loved having actually Daniel Gillies as component of our Saving Hope family for the previous three periods, and we will certainly miss his existence on collection immensely when we rerotate for Seachild 4,” executive producer Ilana Frank said in a statement. “The decision to kill the character of Joel was one that we did not take lightly, and also it was an very hard decision to make. Creatively, we have actually spent three seasons through a love triangle storyline in between the personalities of Alex, Charlie, and Joel, and we felt it was time to move in a various direction as we head into a brand-new seachild. We are unbelievably grateful to Daniel for his remarkable portrayal of Joel, and to our fans who have actually loved this character as a lot as we have.”

Due to the fact that we still weren’t feeling the clocertain, we captured up through the male of the hour, Mr. Daniel Gillies himself. Although the star had actually yet to capture the episode (and wasn’t able to watch it live Wednesday night many thanks to his filming schedule with The Originals), he still mutual his take on leaving Saving Hope, filming those last scenes and also his co-stars’ reactions to his exit.

The TV Junkies: How did you uncover out you were being killed off?

Daniel Gillies: Well I asked to be killed at the beginning of the 3rd season. It was a decision that was extremely difficult to make. I spoke to my depiction and also I shelp, ‘Look. I think we have to have this conversation bereason I have a wife that’s American and I have actually a daughter that’s an Amerihave the right to. Soon I’m going to have another child, he’s going to be an Amerideserve to boy. For all intents and also functions we live in the USA. And this is my residence.’ Los Angeles is my house and it was a hard … put it this method. Many actors that are No. 2 on the callsheet of any kind of present via all over in between 18 and 22 episodes a year are exhausted from the one display. I was doing 40-42 episodes of TV a year, bouncing in between two shows. Between The Originals and Saving Hope I was just worn down. I was simply worn down. And so I put it in their minds, and also then they approached me in the future in the seachild and surprisingly they kind of acquiesced. I actually thought they might perform it much earlier yet they were gracious and also allowed it to take place much later in the seaboy.

TTVJ: From the sounds of things, not even your co-stars, as of Wednesday morning kbrand-new that you had actually made that ask.

DG: I knew it could occur because I asked, and also I preserved that component type of under wraps. But currently I don’t have any kind of should defend that information. I knew that it was … I wanted it to take place. Due to the fact that they’d left it so long what became surprising was exactly how late they left it in the seaboy. But I asked for it.

TTVJ: What were various other people’s reactions during the table review once everyone uncovered out?

DG: I didn’t really look at anyone else’s reactivity. I think I looked at Michael Shanks, that wregarding my best at the time, and also tright here was an awkwardness in the room. Everyone went sort of silent. And nobody moved. Usually after a read-with everybody gets up and also sort of leaves the room and does things, and also I think they were expecting something from me. And I had nopoint to offer. Like I think they wanted a speech or something. This wasn’t sour grapes or ingratitude or anypoint, this was a guy who had actually asked to be eliminated, that was eliminated, that was inevitably eliminated at the finish of the seachild and also that was exceptionally gracious of them to let me continue to be out that totality seaboy. It was just remarkable. So they delivered it and I sassist, ‘Well, say thanks to you. Thank you for having actually me right here. Thank you for this endure.’ I suppose what else can you say? Everybody was just dead silent, it was odd. But I wouldn’t change it for anything.


TTVJ: You and also Ben Ayres are friends off set, was it nice to film many of your final scenes with him?

DG: Oh yeah, I love Ben, I came to be extremely cshed via Ben. I think he’s cursed with being too handsome. He’s one of the funniest world roughly and also he’s simply obtained such a dexterity and prowess through his comedy that it’s nearly sad that he’s so embarrassingly great looking. He really should look prefer Will Ferrell so he have the right to go out and also have this various other splendid career.

TTVJ: Do you have an interpretation of what the steed means?

DG: Oh … I don’t know. I don’t really understand. I didn’t desire to affix any interpretation to it bereason I didn’t think it necessary to have actually definition for Joel as I was playing that stuff. It seemed so abstract and the present has actually been guilty of placing abstractions in the display prior to that never before turned out to have actually any interpretation. I’ll offer you a timeless instance, Charlie at the end of one episode jumping on a trampoline in sluggish activity. It had zero interpretation and also or type of justification. So it was simply prefer, well I think this white equine is type of a trampoline. It sounds extremely unromantic of me, bereason there’s nopoint more glorious looking than a fabulous, beautiful white steed specimales, but it’s simply prefer, I really didn’t attach anypoint to it.


TTVJ: With your exit comes one more cliffhanger via who the father of Alex’s baby is. Have you offered a lot thneed to that answer?

DG: Yeah, I definitely have, I’ve put a lot of assumed into it. My thought is in opinion, as many thoughts are as soon as you’re not in regulate of somepoint. My assumed is that the a lot of boring alternative in the people they might make was that it was Charlie’s kid. But then they’re going to make that alternative. Since … my opinion, my extremely solid opinion is, I feel like they’re going to make the choice to make it Charlie’s because then it cleans up a nice little bit pile of mess. It truly clears Joel and it keeps him out of the story. But I think it would certainly be really, really exciting if they made it Joel’s son. I don’t think the show’s going to take that opportunity because it will be a more challenging road to navigate, but it will certainly be even more amazing. It’s funny because I’ve had actually the majority of civilization ask me that question. And world seem astoniburned that it might be Charlie’s child. They’re prefer, ‘No means, this can’t be.’ Meaning that’s just as well cute. And to be hoswarm I’m inclined to agree. I think it would certainly make Charlie even more noble if the son wasn’t his. It would make Charlie also even more heroic if the son was actually Joel’s and he didn’t offer a damn. But that’s not the way this cookie is going to crumble.

TTVJ: The present has actually been a love triangle at its core for 3 seasons, so just how do you think the dynamic without you will change?

DG: Well, it sort of was and also it wasn’t. It was this sort of cloud over us, it was this love triangle and also it was kind of this inferred thing. But I think as soon as we ever before gained close to that topic issue, then it was prefer the authors sort of recoiled in fear. What I’m trying to say is once they had to rush this conception in between Joel and also Alex, they did just that—they ruburned it. And it was sort of prefer this … our togetherness as it were, was so brief and so comet-prefer that I didn’t feel anything in between Joel and also Alex. Tbelow was such a develop and then I think the are afraid was more than likely in the writers that if they obtained us too cshed then tbelow would be also a lot of a kickback. There would be a type of anarchy if they went in the direction of making us a good and solid connection. Or even simply having us be mildly effective.

We circled the love triangle for 3 periods. We didn’t actually gain that close to it. We didn’t actually really, truly discover it. It’s among the things that saddens me a little little bit around the present. I felt prefer, OK. We were so busy telling these stories from week-to-week about illnesses and also stuff and truthcompletely I just felt the priority need to have been the medical professionals. It ought to have actually been a show around these doctors. That was the display I signed on for. And the even more and better dvery own the road we went the more … the much less and also much less it ended up being around that. It became around the week-to-week and also sensationalism of the drama. And we never really achieved a true sense of the love triangle, bereason they were terrified of composing actual intimacy between Joel and also Alex. I think they were just afrhelp, discovering they were going to take him means from the whole mix that perhaps fans would certainly find it unforgivable.

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TTVJ: So maybe bereason they kbrand-new you were being killed off they didn’t desire fans to be as well invested?

DG: Yeah, you understand I think so. But what carry out I know? I’ve never before written a show prior to. These males face significant challenges, they gain notes from eextremely single angle, they acquire them from netoccupational, they acquire them from executive producers, and also then last on their totem pole are the actors, that all have somepoint to say. And naturally so, because they need to weigh in and also say, look—I’ve been playing this character for prefer 50-something episodes, my opinion have to issue to some extent. So tbelow are most masters to please for the authors and also I think that makes this a tremendously challenging functioning environment. Honestly I don’t understand exactly how writers write for network tv. It simply appears favor a really Herculean job.