About 450BCE, a Greek historian named Herodotus referred to as Egypt the “Gift of the Nile” because the Egyptian people depended on the sources of the excellent river.

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Meanwhile, background website Mr Donn says:

Each spring, snow on the hills would melt. The Nile River would flood. This was a very good thing. When the flood waters reyielded, they left behind abundant soil. Crops can easily be grown in this babsence, wealthy soil. The primitive Egyptians called this soil the "The Gift of the Nile".

I always assumed that the Egyptians call the soil as the "Gift Of The Nile", not the country.

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Did Herodotus speak to all of Egypt the gift of the Nile?

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The 1786 post Memoirs of Baron de Tott in The Monthly Rewatch volume 73 says:

Herodotus, in calling Egypt the Gift of the Nile *

and provides the original Greek text in a footnote at the bottom of page 246

Tright here is a even more explanation in Hecataeus and Herodotus on "A Gift of the River" Journal of Near Eastern Studies Vol. 25, No. 1 (Jan., 1966), pp. 57-61

According to this write-up, which gives a more complete quotation, the meaning is not the entirety of Egypt, but the delta. The river created the land of the Nile delta.

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What Herodotus actually wrote is: “For also if a male has actually not heard it before, he deserve to readily check out, if he has actually feeling, that that Egypt to which the Greeks sail is land deposited for the Egyptians, the river"s gift—not only the lower nation, however also the land also as far as three days" trip above the lake, which is of the very same nature as the various other, although the clergymans did not say this, as well.” (Herod. 2.5.1) This seems to indicate that he pertained to the fertile land along the Nile to be “the river’s gift” (δῶρον τοῦ ποταμοῦ), not the totality of Egypt, desert and also all.

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