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Andy is the former senior manager of content for Scriptures Gatemethod. He presently works at Calvin College.

Are you unemployed? Are you struggling through the emotional toll of that unemployment?

If you’re unemployed appropriate currently (or understand somebody who is), you understand that joblessness brings more than just anxiety around finances. It additionally brings crippling problem around the future, despair at long and fruitmuch less task searches, and also frustration via prayers that aren’t being answered. Does God even treatment around you? Why would He leave you to wpermit in spiritual, emotional, and also financial uncertainty?

Tbelow aren’t easy answers to those questions—but our newest email devotional has some understanding and also inspiration for you. It’s called If God Loves Me, Why Did I Lose My Job?. It’s a seven-day email devotional created by Rick J. Pritikin, who knows firsthand also about the hopelessness and despair that acsuppliers the loss of a project.

You can authorize up for If God Loves Me, Why Did I Lose My Job? by visiting our Newsletters page, clicking package beside the devotional title, and filling out the signup create on the best side of the page. It’s totally complimentary and also attracted from Pritikin’s book of devotionals that wrestle with the spirtiual measurement of joblessness.

If you’re feeling trapped by joblessness, this will provide you a new reason to hope—and to trust in God to administer for you. And if you recognize somebody that might use a little bit of encouragement, please point them to this devotional!

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