JC Caylen, rumored ex-girlfriend Lia Marie Johnkid, and Kian Lawley were spotted at Disneyland also in breakthrough of JC’s 2third birthday.

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JC was additionally joined by his dad and also his other friends, and branded it “one of the finest birthday gifts” on Twitter.

#Jia additionally sparked romance rumors as soon as they thanked each other on social media for the “magical” few days – and also were additionally photographed gaining cshed at the park.

JC Caylen, Lia Marie Johnchild, Kian Lawley & Co. Hit up Disneyland

JC Caylen and also Lia Marie Johnchild proudly walked hand-in-hand also roughly the park, and were photographed and adhered to by audacious fans.

Fans spotted JC and Lia holding hands. (Photo: Twitter)

Other fans also tape-recorded the cshed pair as they strolled roughly the grounds.

JC Caylen and Lia Marie Johnboy were complied with about by fans. (Photo: Instagram)

They gladly quit and also took photos through the many kind of fans that asked.

Lia and JC happily took photos via fans. (Photo: Twitter)

JC was additionally surprised by his dad and friends at the park.

JC was joined by family members and also friends. (Photo: Snapchat)

Kian Lawley additionally joined them for miscellaneous rides.

Kian Lawley poses at Disney. (Photo: Instagram)
Kian, JC, and Lia together. (Photo: Snapchat)

Lia and also JJ were brave enough to ride the Tower of Terror, however JC and Kian were also scared and waited outside. “The chickens that didn’t want to get on,” he captioned on Snapchat.

JJ and Lia weren’t scared to go on the rides. (Photo: Snapchat)

JC was additionally spotted wearing his inrenowned “Lia bracelet”.

JC had actually on his “Lia bracelet”, (Photo: Snapchat)

JC Caylen & Lia Marie Johnson Spfinish Even More Alone Time at Disney

JC and Lia were also at Disney the previous day – where they were known by many type of, many kind of fans.

#Jia spotted at Disneyland also. (Photo:
JC and also Lia short article through happy fans. (Photo: Instagram)
JC Caylen and also Lia Marie Johnboy pose through a fan. (Photo: Twitter)

Lia Marie Johnboy & JC Caylen Cryptically Thank Each Other for The “Magical” Past Few Days

On Twitter, Lia got all nostalgic about the last couple of days. “These previous few days felt favor magic,” she tweeted.

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Lia said that the last few days were “magical”. (Photo: Twitter)

JC Caylen later on posted a photo of their shoes, saying, “Thank you for the past couple of days.” The red shoes match Lia’s in the fan photos above.