Krillin’s daughter, Marron, oddly bears the same name as his ex-girlfriend from Dragon Ball Z, but did the Warrior really give his child his name?

While Krillin might not have the best fight record in the Dragon ball franchise, he managed to find a successful romance and healthy family life that many of his Z Fighter comrades missed, with Yamcha and Tien still flying solo to enter. Dragon ball z. One of the scariest parts of Krillin’s family life in DBZ, however, did he apparently named his daughter after an ex from the start of the series. However, while this questionable choice may raise eyebrows in English-speaking audiences, the Japanese original suggests that Krillin ultimately didn’t name her daughter after her ex.

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Shortly after Frieza’s first defeat, the Z Fighters enjoyed a period of peace as they waited several months for Goku to return to Earth. Meanwhile, Krillin struck up a romantic relationship with a woman named Maron, who appeared to be a bit ignorant of the world around her and not fully devoted to Krillin, going so far as to flirt with Yamcha. After defeating Garlic, Jr. on the run and thwarting his plans to control the people of Earth via the Black Water Mist, Krillin decided to break up with Maron, feeling that she was too good for him, only to have the heartbroken when she quickly moved on with another man.

After marrying Android 18 as a result of the Cell Games, Krillin and his wife had a daughter and named her Marron. The important distinction between the names of Krillin’s daughter “Marron” and his ex-girlfriend “Maron” are their spellings. Although pronounced relatively the same in English, there is a marked difference between the pronunciation of the two names in Japanese. The follow-up animated series Dragon ball super even winks at this name confusion, with Android 17 mispronouncing Marron’s name to Android 18’s visible annoyance at the mention of her husband’s ex.

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Android 18, Brown and Krillin

Rather than being named after Krillin’s ex-girlfriend, Marron is another example of franchise creator Akira Toriyama’s noted penchant for using food-based puns to name his characters. The Japanese pronunciation of Krillin’s name, “Kuririn,” contains the Japanese word for chestnut, in a comical nod to Krillin’s bald head that looks like one. Likewise, the name Marron comes from the French word for chestnut in order to respect this naming tradition, just as Trunks and his family are named after different undergarments while Saiyans are named after various types of vegetables.

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Krillin and her family are quietly one of the most heartwarming aspects of the Z Fighters’ privacy, with Android 18 and Krillin going to great lengths to take care of their daughter. While Krillin certainly hasn’t forgotten his ex-girlfriend Maron, seen thinking of her in an interlude during the Z Fighters’ battle against androids, he found love again with Android 18 and helped create a loving family. in a way he probably couldn’t have with Maron. And while her daughter’s name initially seems to suggest that Krillin hasn’t left Marron, nothing could be further from the truth.