"I always felt prefer tright here was simply a tiny even more that I might dig into," Sebastian Arcelus tells THR. "I assumed it"d be really nice to put a little period on Lucas" storyline instead of leaving it open."


Housage of Cards’fourth seakid.>

Viewers tuning into the fourth seakid of Housage of Cards were in for a little of shock as soon as the premiere episode opened on not Frank Underhardwood (Kevin Spacey) or his wife Claire (Robin Wright), however on Washington D.C’s resident ethical compass Lucas Goodwin (SebastianArcelus), that was sitting in prison talking his fellow inmate with getting off.

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When fans were first presented to Goodwin in seakid one, he was straight-laced, by the publications, sporting a suit and also tie and reminding his colleague Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara) that they worked forThe Washington Heraldand also, “not TMZ.” While he did prevent obtaining tossed in front of a train by Frank Underlumber (KevinSpacey), he was still sentenced to prikid for understanding all also much aboutthe country’s president. Goodwin was noticeably missing from season 3 of the series, so his rerevolve for the fourth seaboy could be one of the show’s best retained keys (along with the retransforms of Barnes and also Peter Russo.)

“I’ve been told to store mum and I remained mum,” Arcelus tells The Hollytimber Reporter about his greatly guarded gig. Until currently. Here, Arcelusopens up toTHR about around that “disturbing” opening scene, Lucas’ quest for the fact and his succeeding “fiery” downfall.


Lucas was totally missing from season 3. What was it like getting that speak to to go back to the show?

It was wonderful. It was one point to be affiliated from the start and also to have that phone contact come via wright here suddenly you’re in aroom through DavidFincher, BeauWillimon, Robin and also Kevin and also this amazing ensemble working on it from the acquire go. But then as story lines play out and also it concerns the end of your stay, I had sort of grown comfortable knowledge and shelp my goodbyes not only to everyone there, yet my character also. Then, to reunite through everyone, it was thrilling. It was surprising, it was amazing. I constantly felt prefer tright here was just a tiny more that I can dig into. I believed it’d be really nice to put a little period on Lucas’ storyline rather of leaving it open up.

Your return was obviously kept under tight wraps so what were the logistics like? Did you have to save the secret from family and friends?

It’s such a secretive little people wright here you don’t want to destroy the endure for the viewer. I’ll be hocolony, also the exceptionally, extremely tiny handful of folks that knew that I had gone back tbelow to job-related remained in my family members and they didn’t also want me to tell them what happened! So, in significance, everyone was in on the desire to keep spoilers.


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You started the display with creator BeauWillimonand as it’s your last season, it’s his as well. What was it like working via him throughout?

It was very clear from the beginning that we were all a part of somepoint. We didn’t know what it fairly was yet, however you knew from the gain go, all the journalists sat in a room from the initially table read through David and Beau that these were the smartest males in the room. So we were in remarkable hands. Beau had actually been involved in that civilization, he operated on campaigns, he’s extremely cshed via a number of political leaders and he was very conscious of the imaginations connected. Granted, we take it to a certain excessive, yet it’s one he navientrances brilliantly because now as soon as you turn on the TV, just as soon as you think we were taking it as well much you have the right to watch our existing presidential election and also wonder if we also do take it as well far.

He gave you the opening scene to this season’s premiere. What was it like returning and having Lucas be in such a dark place?

It was really fun doing that first manuscript before season 4 because season 3, I wasn’t there. We think he’s rotting ameans in prikid and we have the right to imagine any number of scenarios that can have occurred to him. If you think around all the different means we have the right to represent a character like that and also all the ways we’ve seen it prior to onscreen, and Beau just found a twist on exactly how to lug us back in. Really disturbing, and really fun as well. Lucas is not going to power his way through prison. He’s going to make it through and endure as finest he have the right to and component of that requires going to some pretty dark areas and also making the right friends. It’s a terrific fall from grace. You can say from seaboy one he was among the just men or the just male who was living by a particular moral code and also currently he’s making these choices because he’s presented with a absence of choice.

Why does Lucas make the choice to go back and also fight theUnderwoods, as soon as it could have been much easier preventing it after being released and also no one understanding you were set free?

It’s that he is at the core. He’s a crusader. He’s someone who’s combated for truth, for the defense of truth. Someone who’s been rotting amethod through this tick inside of him discovering he’s best and also just not being able to substantiate it. He invested his whole life supporting and defending a system and then the mechanism itself screwed him.

Why didn’t anyone think him?

Lucas doesn’t understand why recognize one believes him. The creating seems to be on the wall. In an era wright here you deserve to look at the presidential election and also you could say something and also world believe it’s true, I think it’s hard for Lucregarding understand also why people don’t take the next step. But we likewise understand that in today and age the slightest stigma can be toxic and bring you down. For someone prefer Heather Dunbar, Lucas is radioactive, he may be right. He can’t seem to prove events and also indevelopment, however he’s not presenting substantiated evidence he’s asking someone else to discover a method to substantiate it.


Before you obtained the manuscript, how did you hope Lucas’ story would certainly unfold? Were you upcollection about just how he was eliminated off?

I spent the last couple of years thinking on just how he could rerevolve, under what scenario. Just like a viewer, you plot out how you think it will occur and also then Beau finds the many amazing means to carry you earlier in that defies expectations. When he sat me dvery own and also shelp, “Has anyone actually told you yet wbelow this is going?” I confirmed up for a table review for 401 and also 402 and I did not know what occurred as the seakid advanced. I hadn’t been told. So as soon as he sat me dvery own and shelp, “This is where you’re headed,” I believed, ‘Wow, I couldn’t also have actually come up through that myself.’ At one allude, even Michael Kelly before that conversation with Beau sassist, “Hey male, did Beau talk to you about this seakid yet?” And I said“No, not yet.” And he simply type of knowingly chuckled like, “Oh guy, you’re not ready. You’re not ready for this.” I might not think of a more fiery means to go dvery own.

Claire paints Lucas as a “sick man”in her speech around Frank, Lucas and also Meechum. After playing this character for 3 seasons, what was it favor seeing exactly how she had the ability to spin his motives and intentions to make him look favor the villain?

It’s horrifying to view how they can continually beat the device or as soon as presented through the stack versus them, how they can rotate it to their favor. But the wall surfaces are absolutely cshedding in on them and brand-new risks arrive. And we’re all as close to our personalities as we deserve to be and I certainly know what motivated his actions for me, however the fact is he kind of became a lone wolf fighting his very own war.

I was mad that’s exactly how he went out…

It’s tough. When you look at the situations of what he has left, things were looking pretty bleak. Whether you agree or don’t agree, he took his next and last move past the following logical action.

You played a journalist. How perform you think the present election and the candidays have been spanned by the media? Do you think tright here will be even more uncovered about among the candidates dvery own the line?

Absolutely. I think journalists these days wright here we—I say “we,” you know what I suppose (laughs)—wbelow they have to produce an audience with their work and also they have to create a viewership. They have to appeal to the masses. We live in an era now wright here there’s no attention expectancy so we need to store it amazing. Do I think there are many skelelots in folks’ closets? I certainly execute. And if they do exist I hope the journalistic motion have the right to acquire at the heart of it.


Do you think there are any type of parallels to these characters and also the candidays in the current election?

It’s hard for me to also think that the candidates we’re dealing with have the right to stoop to these levels, but truth is stranger than fiction as we’re witnessing this as it goes along. I might talk to you for the next hour and also a half around the points that disturb me around this project and also those are the things that we understand. So as through our display I could imagine that points are more complex than they first can appear.

What are your predictions for following seakid and also what execute you think the lifeline of a display prefer this is?

So now I’m simply a viewer and a fan and I’d like to watch Claire and also Frank Undertimber satisfy … it’s so hard bereason as Lucas, I desire to view them accomplish their timely finish and as a fan it’s hard not to root for the anti-hero. But I’m team Lucas so I’m going to hope the mantle has actually been passed to somebody that can take it one more step even more.

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Were you sad to check out how Lucas’ story ended? Do you think existing candidays in the actual life election have actually skeletons in their closet? Chat about it below in the comments area and also continue to be tuned to The Live Feed for moreHouse of Cardscoverage.