A speedometer or odometer that fails normally means that your vehicle"s rate sensor is failing, or you need to relocation the whole gauge cluster. Both fixes are basic and also inexpensive to do on your very own. Read on to learn exactly how to resolve your Honda"s failing speedometer and also odometer.

This post applies to the Honda Civic (1992-2002) and Accord (1992-2002).

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Your speedometer and also odometer can start acting wonky (or speak working altogether) for 2 major reasons: either your vehicle"s rate sensor or speedometer gauge cluster have failed. Both difficulties are straightforward and inexpensive to fix, even for the novice DIY-er. You must diagnose and also resolve the difficulty as quickly as you check out it, considering that not discovering exactly how quick you are going can lead to a ticket. Also, in the majority of says you won"t be enabled to register a car via a damaged speedometer.

Materials Needed10 mm and also 1/4" socket, ratchet, and extensionFlashlight or work lightPhillips screwdriverNew automobile rate sensor (VSS)New speedometer gauge cluster

Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) Replacement

A faulty, damaged, or broken VSS have the right to cause your speedometer to fluctuate and completely stop working. Replacing it is basic, and also it shouldn"t take more than 10 minutes. Expect to pay in between approximately $10 to $20 for a brand-new one. Here are some indications that the VSS can be faulty:

The speedometer behaves erratically.The check engine light turns on intermittently and sporadically during acceleration.The brakes are periodically harder to connect than normal.The transmission revs better prior to it alters gears.

If you notification one or even more of these signs as soon as driving, then you will need to rearea the VSS.

Tip 1 – Rearea the vehicle speed sensorOpen hood and also situate the VSS. It is in the earlier of the engine compartment on top of the transmission.Remove the air intake hose and filter.Remove the electrical connector on optimal of the VSS by squeezing the clip and also sliding it off of the sensor. Rerelocate the VSS bolt with a 10 mm socket, ratchet, and also expansion.To remove the VSS, wiggle and pull it straight out. The drive connect, which is a little component that links the speed sensor to the transmission, need to come out too. If it doesn"t come out through the VSS, carefully rerelocate it by hand also.Insert the drive link into the new VSS and also plug it in. The drive attach must line up with the shaft, and you will hear a click when it is in area.Tighten the VSS through the 10 mm bolt, and also reconnect the connector. It will certainly click right into area.Rearea air intake hose and also filter.
Figure 1. A vehicle speed sensor (VSS).
Figure 2. Location of the VSS.

Gauge Cluster Replacement

When your gauge cluster falls short, it"s much better to rearea it than to try and also figure out if the VSS is faulty. Depfinishing on whether you buy a brand-new or provided one, intend to pay in between $20 to $80 for a speedometer. A mechanic will most likely charge you about $280 to install a brand-new one. However before, before you decide to pay for labor costs, attempt to detect and also replace the faulty gauge cluster yourself. Here are some signs of a faulty gauge cluster:

The gauge stops working to illuminate.The gauge readings are inaccurate.The symptoms go ameans once you tap the dashboard.The cluster transforms on and off randomly.

If you notice these symptoms while driving, then the gauge cluster will must be replaced.

Tip 1 – Rearea the gauge clusterUse a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws of the dashboard bezels. Tright here is one close to the A/C controls and also another over the gauge cluster itself.Undo a number of clips on both sides of the dashboard bezel, and rerelocate it.Use a 1/4” ratchet, socket and also expansion to rerelocate the wiring cluster from the dashboard.Unplug the harness from the gauge cluster.Plug the stock harness into the replacement gauge cluster/speedometer.Use the 1/4” ratchet, socket and extension to install the new cluster. Make sure you tighten the bolts to a snug fit.Clip and also screw the dashboard bezel ago right into place.The new speedometer have to currently be practical. Test drive the auto to ensure it is working.

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Figure 3. Replacing the gauge cluster is an easy deal with as soon as your speedometer/odometer falls short.

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