L> Physics Ch 12 Assignment Answers Physics - Chapter 12 Assignment AnswersCh 12 Resee Answers: Newton thought that a pressure need to act on the Moon because, given that it moves in a curved (virtually, however not quite) circular course, it is increasing. After all, the direction of its velocity is constantly altering, and acceleration is the price velocity changes. An acceleration calls for a net force (2nd Law). The Moon (and eexceptionally other Earth satellite) is in totally free autumn toward the Earth, yet it is a projectile whose tangential velocity keeps it from getting closer to the Earth. In the same time that the Moon falls a centimeter, the Planet curves a centimeter out from under it! In order for a clinical hypothesis to development to the standing of a scientific theory, it must be thoaround and also extensively tested. Due to the fact that Fgrav = GMm/r2, the gravitational pressure is directly proportional to G. The little size of the gravitational constant G tells you that the gravitational force is actually quite weak compared to other well-known pressures like the electrical, magnetic, and also nuclear pressures. You need to know: (1) your mass, (2) the Earth"s mass, and (3) the radius of the Earth in order to determine the gravitational force on you, which is your weight. The gravitational pressure is an inverse-square-legislation pressure - the strength of the pressure decreases through the square of the distance in between objects. In other words, twice the distance indicates one-fourth of the pressure, three times the distance implies one-ninth of the force, etc. (a) If you were five times farther from the facility of the Planet than you are now, your weight would be 1/25 ( = 1/52) of your current weight. (b) If you were ten times farther from the facility of the Earth than you are now, your weight would be 1/100 (= 1/102) of your current weight.Ch 12 Plug & Chug Answers: (Keep in mind that this is the exact same outcome you would get from w = mg.)
(Comparing the answers for this question and the last one, notification that the gravitational force that the Sun exerts on the Moon is around 100 times as a lot as the gravitational force that the Planet exerts on the Moon. Why, then, does the Moon orlittle bit the Earth and also not the Sun? ) Ch 12 Think & Exordinary Answers: No, this label is not cause for alarm! The same point can be said around every object in the universe - including you! The exact same amount of force. The forces "Planet pulls Moon" and also "Moon pulls Earth" are a Newton"s third Law action/reaction pair. 500 N towards the center of the Earth. This gravitational force is the force we frequently contact her weight. If the gravitational pressure of the Sun on the planets suddenly disshowed up, they would certainly move off through the velocity that they had at that immediate (Newton"s first Law). So, they would certainly move in a directly line tangent to their orlittle bit, at constant rate. (a) Yes, if the Moon were twice as substantial, the gravitational force of the Earth on the Moon would certainly be twice as a lot, because the gravitational force is proportional to both masses involved. (b) Yes, the gravitational pressure that the Moon exerts on the Earth would certainly double likewise (according to Newton"s Third Law). A rocket going from the Planet to the Moon would call for more fuel. Due to the fact that the Planet has more mass than the Moon, the Earth will exert a bigger gravitational pressure on the rocket than the Moon would (points weigh much less on the Moon). This means that the rocket would certainly need to exert a bigger force to balance its weight leaving the Earth than leaving the Moon. Since the rocket exerts a larger force leaving the Earth, it must do more occupational to leave the Earth, which takes even more energy (in the create of chemical potential energy stored in the rocket fuel). Gravitational forces on a galaxy close to the "edge" of the Universe. (Not all pressures are displayed.) Net pressure on a galaxy near the "edge" of the Universe. The monitoring that the expansion of the Universe is slowing dvery own is constant through the law of gravity. Eincredibly object in the Universe attracts every various other object in the Universe with a gravitational force. The diagram on the left above mirrors some of the gravitational pressures on a galaxy close to the "edge" of the universe. Looking at the diagram you have the right to see that all of the pressures on this galaxy allude "inward", because all gravitational forces are attractive. This indicates that the net force on this galaxy points "inward" toward the "center" of the Universe, as shown in the diagram at appropriate over. So, if the galaxy is relocating ameans from the "center" of the Universe (an widening universe), then the net force on the galaxy will act to sluggish the galaxy down, and the growth of the Universe have to be slowing dvery own. However before, current monitorings (because the publication of your text) seem to indicate that the development of the Universe is in reality NOT slowing dvery own - in fact, the Universe appears to be speeding up. This is contrary to the behavior that the law of gravity predicts as described above. This is a room of extremely heated and intense research and discussion at the minute. If the Universe"s expansion is really accelerating, then there hregarding be some previously-undetected force that is driving it. What can that force be?

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If the Earth"s diameter doubled and also its mass additionally doubled, your weight would be fifty percent as much as now. Your weight is the gravitational force in between you and also the Earth. Doubling the mass of the Earth would certainly double your weight, because gravitational pressure is straight proportional to mass, yet doubling the radius (which doubles if the diameter doubles) would decrease your weight by a element of 1/4, given that gravitational force is inversely proportional to the square of the radius.

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If you were twice as much from the facility of the Earth as you are now, your weight would certainly be 1/4 of its present worth (See #32).