In addition to what's already been pointed out (enabling Luke to escape, fast track to becoming a Force ghost), I think it's essential to point out that Kenobi kbrand-new he sindicate couldn't beat Vader.

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Vader had invested the previous few decades fanning his hatred and communing with the Dark Side, becoming among the the majority of effective and also feared people in the galaxy.

Kenobi had spent the same time hiding in a cave and also functioning exceptionally difficult to be unnoticeable. He hadn't been using the Force, hadn't been fighting duals, hadn't been preparing for a confrontation through his old pupil.

Kenobi knew what had actually to happen, and also as a Jedi determined to accept it via tranquility in his heart, rather than fighting an unessential, unwinnable battle.

I think that provides sense, except that by engaging Vader it appears favor he might have actually given Luke and also Han more time for their escape?

It did give no factor for Luke to wait for Obi Wan.

But taking the original series as a whole I think he was basically incepting Luke through the concept that as soon as he faced Vader in an ultimate confrontation over Luke's incredibly heart, Luke should simply speak fighting.

He additionally kbrand-new, reportedly, he would certainly end up being a force ghost, and also he was old, and determined that was the opportune time to carry out it, probably for both of the above factors. (He knew the fight would certainly drag on and stall Luke, and also he additionally knew Luke would be at some allude goaded into trying to kill his own father by Palpatine, or at leastern that he'd need a basic moral compass and sacrificed his physical create to give him a lasting reminder around the Jedi mindset).

Vader put a tracking device on their ship and let them escape so he might discover the rebel base. He didnt must carry out that.

Because if he continued to be, Luke would've tried to assist Obi Wan. Then he would've been caught by Vader.

And, well, to teach Luke without the hindrance of a body.

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Ben's life was over. He was old, breakable and the Sith currently kbrand-new he was still alive. Instead of struggling against the Realm for quite some time, he sacrificed himself to show Luke simply exactly how major this conflict was.


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