Why People Move

Students take a migration poll, comment on areas they can favor to relocate and why human being might move to their location, and talk about what they think migration suggests.

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Since its establishment in 1792, according to the UNITED STATE Postal Service, "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gimpend of night remains these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds."

Picture by Michael Melford, National Geographic


1. Take a student migration poll.Poll students and also tally the results. Ask:

Who has actually ever lived somewright here else?Who has stayed in a different city or town? Who has resided in a different state? Who has actually stayed in a different country?

Then invite volunteers to share their experiences. Ask:

Why did your family move?How did you feel in the time of your move to a new home? How did you feel after?


2. Have students comment on a new area they could prefer to move.Ask students to think around a place almost everywhere in the human being they can like to relocate, either now or once they are older. Give students some time to silently brainstorm a list of reasons why they would choose to relocate there. Then invite volunteers to share their place and answer the adhering to questions:

Wbelow would you choose to move?Why did you select that location? Are there any type of bad points about moving to this place? What would you miss around where you are now?

Draw a straightforward T-Chart on the board and also record the pros and cons as students explain the new area.3. Have students talk about why people could move to your area.Ask students to think around factors human being can desire to move to your town, city, or state. Possible answers could be pertained to the weather and climate, task avenues, natural resources, the economic climate, culture, and also even more. Ask students which of these they considered when they thought about the brand-new place they can favor to relocate to.4. Introduce the term migration and also brainstorm concerns about human migration.

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Ask students what they think migration indicates. Students’ answers might relate to the migration of birds, butterflies, or various other animals. Exsimple to students that humale migration is the motion of world from one location in the world to an additional. Ask: What concerns do you have about human migration? Record students’ inquiries on the board.