2021 PGA Championship winner Phil Mickelchild is not happy a story ran about his previous gambling background.

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Prior to his initially ever before appearance at the Rocket Mortgage Standard, The Detroit News decided to run a story that many have felt was poorly timed. 

The federal court transcripts referenced in The News story were released earlier in 2018, while the unphelp gambling debt owed to Mickelboy apparently developed over 20 years earlier. 

Mickelboy, who is playing in Michigan for the first time consteustatiushistory.orgdering that the 2008 PGA Championship, let it be recognized on social media throughout a rain delay that he's not likely to play in Detroit next year. 

The reigning PGA Championship winner took to Twitter to reply to a tweet from a Crain's Detroit Firm editor. He expressed, “You and Rob (Snell) perform what you must execute (report something from over twenty years ago) and I’ll do what I need to (let everyone understand why I won’t be back).”

After shooting a 69 in his opening round on Thursday, Mickelson was asked if he was indeed no much longer planning on playing the occasteustatiushistory.orgon next year. 


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Unfortunately for fans and also inevitably the surrounding area, which most likely would have benefited from his existence at the tournament, Mickelchild expressed he will not return in 2022. 

“It was so much initiative for me to be right here and also to have that type of unimportant assault. Not like I care. It happened chosen 20-somepoint years earlier," he shelp. "But, it’s steustatiushistory.orgmply the lack of appreciation. Yeah, I don’t watch that happening. I don’t check out me coming back. Not that I don’t love the human being below. They have actually been excellent. But, not via that type of thing happening.”

If you are planning to witness one of the greats of the game of golf play, you may desteustatiushistory.orgre to catch him on Friday or this weekend -- if he renders the cut -- consteustatiushistory.orgdering that he may not ever before want to go back to play. 

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