Which of these factors helped hide financial problems in the 1920s?A. Investors lost confidence in the industry B. Famers sold chop surplsupplies to pay off their debts C. Americans purchased many type of consumer products on credit c. Americans purchases many type of consumer on credit
European countries reacted to the Hawley-Smooth Tariff byA. Increasing global tradeB. Taxing Amerihave the right to Imports C. Importing more Amerihave the right to products D. Lowering proces on exports B. Taxing American imports
What financial condition did financial experts John Maynard Keynes believe caused the Great Depression?A. Lack of governemnt interventionB. Strict controls on stock speculations C. Too much oversight of bankingD. Limits on manufacturing and spending A. Lack of Government intervention
At the oncollection of the Great Depression, urban unemploymentA. Decreased slightlyB. Stayed about the sameC. Increased slightly D. Increased Dramatically D. Increased Dramatically
Farmers add to the problems that brought about the Dust Bowl byA. Putting down new layers of topsoilC. Damming western rivers and also making use of watering methods D. Using extensive farming techniques that removed protective grasses D. Using intensive farming techniques that removed protective grasses
The joblessness rate among Afrihave the right to Americans wasA. Nbeforehand double the national rateB. Slightly better than the national rateC. About the same as the nationwide rateD. Slightly lower than the national rate A. Nat an early stage double the nationwide rate
President Hoover responded cautiously to the Great Depression becauseA. Thought that the company cycle would correct itslef B. Was distracted by the huge dust stroms in the Great Plains C. Had little experience with service methods A. Thought that the organization cycle would certainly correct itself
President Hoover urged Congress to institute the (Rebuilding and construction Fiance Corporation) RFC bereason he believed that the economic climate experienced fromA. A lack of crmodify B. Over-employment C. Too much regulation D. A concentration of wealth A. A lack of credit
Some Americans blamed the Great depression onA. Facisism B. Socilaism C. Captiatlism D. Communism C. Capitalism
Why did many type of Americans decide that the country essential brand-new management in 1932?A. Prices for farm assets were increasing againB. Congress. Passed a bill to pay WW I veterans their bonsupplies at an early stage C. President hoover economic policies had flailed C. President Hoover's financial plans had actually failed
Members of the Taxpayers Protection Organization withstood evictions byA. Building HoovervillesB. Staging nonviolent protests C. Moving to cheaper lodgingsD. Pooling sources to pay thier rent B. Staging nonviolent protests
Why did so many kind of banks fail at the oncollection of the Great DepressionA. Too many kind of investors tried to open new accountsB. Too many depositors tried to withattract their money all at once D. The Federal Reserve put also a lot money into circulation.

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B. Too many type of depositors tried to withattract their money all at onc
A policy committed to resolving problems at the regional and also state levels Localism
A time of economic downturn and also high unemployment between 1929 and 1941 Great Depression
Dust Bowl refugees from the Great Plains, called___,headed west to look for job-related. Okies
The Rebuilding Finance Corporation, instituted by Congress in 1932 to make government loans to railroads, business, and also financial institutions to stimulate economic recovery RFC
_____lived in and worked land owned by someone else Tenant Farmers
The peroidc growth and also contractivity of the economy Business Cycle
The theory that money pored into the peak of the economic pyramid will certainly trickle dvery own to the base Trickle-Down Economics
Unite States President from 1929 to 1933 Herbert Hoover
Throughout the Great Depression many type of homemuch less human being grouped together to build_____, or makeshift shantycommunities of tents and also shacks.

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A risky stock purchase intfinished to revolve quick profits Speculations
A big public functions task that carried much-necessary employment to the Southwest in the early on 1930's Hoover Dam
A team of World War I veterans that marched on Washington D.C to demand also the bonus money that Congress had actually promised them for their service Bonus Army
A taxes passed in 1930 on foreign assets brought in the United States Hawley- Smooth Tariff
Local, State, and also federal federal governments tried to coerce Mexican immigrants to go back to Mexico through Repatriation
Impoveriburned human being in the cities often wasted in____to obtain cost-free food from charities and also public agencies Breview Lines
The basic that ordered federal troops to fire tear gas on protesters in Washington, D.C Douglas MacArthur
The_____brought about numerous countless human being to migrate from the Great Plains. Dust Bowl
The time at which the stock market fell down in the Great Crash Black Tuesday
Marched on Washington because hoover vetoed a bill Bonus Army
This tight monitory plan restricted the money in circulation Federal Reserve
First institutions to feel the affects of the stock industry when it crashed Banks
Falling prices of plants brought about plight of who? Farmers
The plan of volunteerism included what kind of programs? Public Works
Investors marketed even more than $16 million shares of stocks on this day Black Tuesday
THis spcheck out abroad because the U.S. slowed dvery own their investment in Europe Great Depression
This crashed because investors lost confidence Stock Market
The economic situation went through what phase in the organization cycle in the time of the 20s Expansion
This failed because citizens acted in their best interest Volunteerism
Government pressures Mexican immigrants to go back to Mexico Repatriation
Risky stock purchases made by investors with hope of high return Speculation