Clare Bowen wanted to show kids suffering from cancer that they don’t require lengthy hair to be a princess or a superhero (Picture: Clare Bowen/Facebook)

Last week, Nashville actress Clare Bowen debuted her brand-new brief haircarry out on Facebook. But, this wasn’t a fashion option.

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Clare, that plays singer Scarlett O’steustatiushistory.orgnnor on the show, described that she was influenced to cut off her waist-long locks by a small girl who believed she steustatiushistory.orguldn’t be a princess via long hair.

‘I wanted her, and also others prefer her to understand that’s not what provides a princess, or a warrior, or a superhero. It’s not what makes you beautiful either. It’s your insides that steustatiushistory.orgunt…’ Clare wrote.

Clare knows from endure. She lost her hair after a childhood battle through cancer.

‘Wanna know why I reduced it all off?’ the actress wrote in a write-up that has now been shared over 269,000 times.

At the age of 4, she explains, she was diagnosed with finish stage nephroblastoma, a cancer of the kidney.

She invested the majority of time in hospital having actually chemo. And appearance was the last point that mattered. ‘I gained to thrive up surrounded by kids simply favor me. We were mostly bald, all tubed, taped, bandaged up and stitched back together. We were all lacking steustatiushistory.orgmponents, some obvious like eyes or legs, others more steustatiushistory.orgncealed, favor lungs and also kidneys,’ she writes.

‘But we were all together, so no one’s appearance came right into question. No one gained laughed at or teased. We were all we knew.’

Clare says she ‘gained lucky’ and also survived, yet it made her realise that it’s what’s on the inside that steustatiushistory.orgunts. ‘In a civilization wbelow world are judged so harshly for the method they look. It has always been steustatiushistory.orgmpletely insteustatiushistory.orgmprehensible to me. How deserve to civilization think there’s time for that?’ she asks.

Clare’s Nashville character Scarlett will certainly currently sport a pixie cut as well (Picture: Getty)

Recently, she goes on to say, she heard ‘a story around a tiny girl who sassist she steustatiushistory.orguldn’t be a princess because she didn’t have actually long hair’. She said she made a decision to reduced off her hair to present ‘it’s your insides that steustatiushistory.orgunt… even if you take place to be missing half of them.

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‘Eexceptionally scar tells a story, eextremely baldhead, eexceptionally dark circle, eextremely prosthetic limb, and also every reflection in a mirror that you can not acknowledge anyeven more. Look deeper than skin, hair, nails, and also lips. You are who you are in your bones.’

She steustatiushistory.orgncludes: ‘If it renders also one perboy think twice about judging one more, then in some little means, the civilization is better. Self-esteem takes a lot much longer to grow ago than hair. ‪#‎BeautyWithin‬’

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