I've been checking out some old A&G clips and also discovered a few with Dominick, that was on the present a few years back. Was it ever before uncovered why he left, or was fired?

Edit: Thanks for the responses. Jack and Joe made the announcement right here 6AM at 10:20, and also here's a tweet from Dominick around it with a link however it's no longer functioning, all well.

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He was actually incredibly vocal around why he gained fired. It was a substantial drama fest and he also began his very own podactors and talked around every detail for hours and also hours. And for the life of me I can't remember what exactly happened. Somepoint about them warning him not to publicly discshed somepoint and he did anymeans. Jack and also Joe were not involved in the decision to fire him. It came from greater up.

Didn't bother to listen to his podcasts. Never before preferred him. Shaun is a much better fit. Wish Scott would come back from time to time.

He was fired. Jack and also Joe never disclosed why and also legally they can't. I'm certain he shelp or did somepoint method out of line but we will certainly never before recognize. Dominic does or did podcasts. Just carry out a search on his name and you'll discover him.

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From what I put together it was the 5 After Podactors present which the crew did a recap style mini display, playing some clips from topics discussed on A&G. During Christmas break the after show prospered in size as a result of the Jack and also Joe being on vacation. Having finest of segments fill the normal time slot the 5 after present can current present occasions and topics that surpassed the standard 5-7 minute format. I think that is as soon as Dominick came up with the idea for a full hour present in which he and Vince would certainly hold. His abrasive personality was more pronounced on the after show however it went on. Somepoint happened behind the scenes and also I think someone in management asked him to speak making use of clips and using The A&G Show as basis for the after show. Vince observed the composing on the wall and also smartly stopped doing the after display while Dominick pressed on, If I Respeak to appropriately making tongue in cheek comments about shelp management and also still referencing the present. They day he was fired was noticeable as a result of the truth he wasn't in the opening crew segment. This is exactly how I remember things just my theory and speculation from listening to those shed few weeks of both shows. How Vince quitting was not big sufficient sign for Dominick to view what would certainly take place if he didn't sheight, particularly for someone who has functioned in Hollyhardwood must have actually an inkling of an idea exactly how cut throat the entertainment company have the right to be.