Sierra Mist is about the leave the mountains behind. ThePepsiCo-owned brand also is removing the word Sierra from its name as itbecomes "Mist Twst" as part of a major branding overhaul that willput even more focus on taste.

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"We are working to highlight the lemon-lime credentials of theproduct and looking towards a spring launch of Mist Twist, at thissuggest," a PepsiCo spokeswomale shown in an email.

The readjust is the latest makeover for the lemon-lime-flavoredsoda brand, which has gone through multiple overhauls considering that launchingin 2000. The last substantial update came in late 2014, as soon as the brandadjusted its look as part of a formula readjust that associated addingstevia, which was combined via sugar resulting in a 20% caloriereduction for an 8-ounce serving.

The PepsiCo spokeswoman declined to say if the latest overhaulwill encompass another formula readjust. When Sierra Mist plugged the2014 change on its Facebook web page last year, it was met via asmattering of consumer complaints. One perboy proclaimed that "the oldrecipe was a nice crisp taste, brand-new one has a dietaftertaste," Ad Period reported last year.

Sierra Mist volume fell 3.7% in 2014, complying with a 11.6% drop in2013, according to Beverage-Digest. As of 2014, Sierra Mist ranked13th among all soda brands, falling from 12th in 2013, according tothe publication. Coke-owned Sprite, by contrast, flourished volume by 1%last year, and ranks 6th among sodas, according toBeverage-Digest.

PepsiCo executives debated a turnaround arrangement for Sierra Mistat a autumn meeting through bottlers, according to a Beverage-Digestreport from October. "The brand is being refunctioned to highlight itslemon-lime credentials and taste, rather than a health message,"the publication reported, citing sources, noting that theturnabout "will include brand-new spices in 2016 and 2017."

By focusing on taste, the newly called Mist Twst could beadhering to a playbook equivalent to Sprite, which has actually uncovered successtargeting young, urban consumers. Sprite held a National BasketballAssociation sponsorship till PepsiCo took over the NBA deal fromCoke in July. An photo of the new Mist Twst gave to Ad Era byPepsiCo (above) reflects an NBA logo on the side of the label. Thatsays the brand can end up being part of the marketer"s NBA plans,joining Mtn Dew, which has actually been a lead NBA brand also for PepsiCo sincethe deal started.

"Competing versus Sprite is extremely hard and they"vestruggled in figuring out means to do it and this is a new approachthat can resonate," Beverage-Digest Editor Duane Stanford shelp inan interwatch Thursday.

Sierra Mist"s previous rebranding initiatives have actually run the gamut.One of the brand"s earliest looks consisted of a mountain range in thebackground, while an additional design confirmed the word mist in a foggyhaze. The 2014 overhaul included font changes such as the "M" inMist looking prefer 2 triangles colliding.

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Roughly 5 years ago the brand also recalled itself "Sierra MistNatural" once it replaced high-fructose corn syrup through sugar. Thenin 2013, the brand went back to its two-word Sierra Mist moniker,removing "organic." That change was made "as a result of the absence ofcomprehensive regulatory guidance on the use of the term ," aPepsiCo spokeswomale told Ad Age last year.