Stress, dizzinessand also also occasionalvomitingare all naturalside impacts of taking thePSATs. (Trust me, I’ve been there.) But a deadly, airborne virus? That’s a nightmare onlyTeen Wolf might prepare up.

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Monday’s episode found Scott, Malia and also Kira stricken via a nasty poikid, courtesy of yet another Beneelement assassin. The trio was quarantined in the Hale vault — bereason whatever always leads earlier to damn vault — however isolating them from the remainder of the college didn’t precisely resolve their troubles. In truth, I’m pretty sure it made them worse.

The virus-wielding assassin turned out to be a faux PSAT proctor via a penchant for pointing his gun at poor, unsuspecting children — especially children whose names rhyme with “Smiles.” But the evil proctorshowed to be no complement for Papa McCall, who blew a hole right in the dude’s forehead. Blood anywhere. It was awesome.

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But things came to be considerablylessawesome once Stiles was finally reunited via Malia, as she’d learned a tiny something in their time acomponent — favor the truth that she’s a freakingHale! The episode ended through Maliawalking amethod, hurt and betrayed, as Stilesremained alone on the ground, completely helpless to the situation that might extremely well end their relationship for great.

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WHAT’S THE TEA? |Fortunately, it didn’t take lengthy for the gang to uncover a miracle cure in the form of a rare tea ingredient; and also wouldn’t you recognize it, the “rare” ingredient was ideal tright here in the Hale’s vault! It had been a gift from Satomi — who’s not only alive, but additionally a full badass — to Talia, that provided to drink it once Derek was merely a pup. (Side note: Is anyone else curious why we’re delvingso deeply into Derek’s past this season? It feels choose they’re bringing his story full-circle to preparefor, or at leastern make usthinkthey’re preparingfor, his untimely-yet-still-sexy death.) At least we gained some cute Derek/Braeden moments this week, though I’m still looking forward to the sexy/naked moments we saw in the midseason trailer.

ARE YOU THERE, MEREDITH? IT’S ME, LYDIA |While everybodywas busy dying at Beacon Hills High, Lydia was attempting to have a heart-to-heart chat through the late, great Meredith. “I’m sorry,” Lydiashelp to the record player or to thin air or to whatever. “I wish I might have actually assisted you.” Not a lot else came of the one-sided conversation, though Lydia did creepily match a photo she uncovered amongMeredith’s belongings to the edge of the room she was standing in. (At the threat of sounding prefer I don’t follow this display, does anybodyrecognize what that was all about?)

“OH, BOBBY” |Last, butdefinitely not leastern, is it feasible that Coach Bobby Finstock is even more than the one-dimensional zing-bot we’ve taken him for throughout the past 4 periods ofTeen Wolf? Lydia’s mother appeared awtotally worried around him at the height of the hour, fearing that he’d fallen off the wagon after staying sober for 15 years. (Um… Do these 2 have actually a background we understand nothing about? Color me curious; I should know more!)