1729-1787: A special official to the king of Spain. He planned the "Sacred Expedition" to set up the initially European negotiations in California, in 1768.• organized a 4 component expedition (2 by sea, 2 by land).• assisted Father Serra find first area to establish mission in CA• function of developing goals was to develop brand-new revenue for Spain, not spread religion choose Serra.

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late 1700s: Spanish army captain that, together with Junipero Serra, led the "Sacred Expedition."• soldier, governor of Baja and also San Diego (1767-1770), and also explorer and also founder of San Diego and Monterey.• assisted command the Father Serra exploration to CA (led 1st team to CA coast)• While Father Serra was establishing up 1st mission in San Diego, he continued marching north to Monterey with 60 guys. Went as far as San Francisco Bay. • Winter snowstorm set him back. headed ago to San Diego (hiked around 1000 mi in 3 months and ran out of food).• 1770, establiburned a fort in Monterey• organized 3 teams of Spaniards to work out in CA.
1721-1782: Aide to Junipero Serra that traveled with the "Sacred Expedition" party and kept a journal describing what he saw.
1734-1798: One of Portola"s soldiers on the "Sacred Expedition." He was the initially to spot San Francisco Bay, from the optimal of a hill near the contemporary city of Pacifica.
1736-1803: Priest who doubled the variety of Spanish missions in California after the death of Father Serra in 1784.
1728-1784: Governor that readily available cash, offers, and pets to settlers willing to begin farming communities in California, in exreadjust for food. He hoped this would assist feed soldiers living in beforehand presidios.• helped produce regulation of CA. Dealt via legal rights and obligations of inhabitants. Settlers (pobladores) were offered a tvery own lot, farm, livestock, and seeds. Had to farm/offer extra farm goods to presidios, serve in the military, and help via widespread land.
1800s: Tongva girl who told of missionaries forcing the human being of her town to be baptized and live in a Romale Catholic mission.
?-1878: The "keeper of the keys," or llavera, at Mission San Gabriel. She remained in charge of locking all the mission"s structures at night.
1800s: Native American who resided in Mission San Luis Rey from birth and believed of the mission as house. He appreciated the European topics he learned tright here.
late 1700s: Native American who helped organize an uneffective rebellion at Mission San Gabriel in 1785.

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xenophon - no changes considering that the kings began judgment unfavor other nations. citizens do not _ the kings which creates _ and respect in society. the queens lead as _ a life as everyone.
Be able to explain the search for the Northwest Passage and examples of explorers that hoped to find it
What is the leschild of Paine"s fable about the "Ass and the Lion"? (hint: this answer is on Prezi, and also is not in the text)
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The AmericansGerald A. Danzer, J. Jorge Klor de Alva, Larry S. Krieger, Louis E. Wilson, Nancy Woloch
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The Amerideserve to VisionAlan Brinkley, Albert S. Broussard, Donald A. Ritchie, James M. McPherson, Joyce Appleby
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