People ask this question a lot – why carry out babsence women usage silk pillowcases? All younger woguys in my household perform it religiously eexceptionally night.

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In this write-up, we will certainly expose the factors behind this halittle bit.

Why Do Babsence Womales Use Silk Pillowcases?

Babsence woguys use silk pillowinstances because Afrihave the right to hair is not greasy choose Oriental or Caucasian hair. Silk pillowcases defend the babsence women’s hair by preventing too much moisture loss and also drying up while resting. The dryness in babsence women’s hair could lead to breakage of hair.

Silk pillowcases and also bonnets also aid to safeguard babsence women’s cornrows, twists, braids, buns, and many type of other protective hairlayouts.

Afrideserve to Hair

Afrihave the right to hair is a kinky hair with each strand also prospering in a tiny, angle-favor helix form. Its spiral structure reasons it to curl on itself during growth.

First, it is necessary to understand that tright here are 2 kinds of Black women – those via stylized natural hair such as braids, cornrows, buns, and so on., and also those that have actually wigs.


Based on this photo, we alert that Afrihave the right to hair has actually elliptic twists. That is just how it grows into Afro.

Compared to Oriental and also Caucasian hair which flourish straightened normally, African hair requires added therapy to stay straight.

When hair is stuck together, the intertwining deserve to reason breakage especially as soon as combing.

In time, black womales have actually realized there are ways to save their hair right for longer.

Growth of babsence women’s hair

Babsence women’s hair does not prosper exceptionally fast, and yet any healthy and balanced perkid of Asian or Caucasian descent have the right to simply drink water, breathe oxygen and also have regular rapid hair expansion. I am respectcompletely saying this though.


What’s the reason?

Babsence women’s hair is a bit distinct and also needs various therapy from the others.

It is exceptionally prone to breakage and this fragility suggests that black hair needs a little added love. It has bends and twists that make it delicate to friction.

That is why tbelow are points babsence women shouldn’t put in their hair.

African hair has actually the following attributes compared with other races’ hair.

Slow growthLow hair density

After trimming or shaving completely, a black womale would require a number of months to reflourish.


A research discovered that Afrihave the right to hair has the slowest growth price, averaging 4.3 inches per year. Caucasian hair had the second-fastest growth price at 5 inches per year on average.

Asians have actually their hair flourish by 6.3 inches per year on average making them the fastest growers.

While Oriental hair is defined by slow-moving incredibly quick expansion and low thickness, Afrideserve to hair grows a lot sreduced and at low thickness.

With such unfavorable hair characteristics, black woguys will perform everything to protect their hair. This is especially for those that do not favor wigs.

So, Why Silk pillowinstances and Bonnets?

While Asians and Caucasians frequently want to wash their hair as commonly as possible bereason it feels sort of ‘grstraightforward,’ that is one thing babsence womales through organic hair desire to remain ameans from. It’s a trouble that all Afrideserve to Americans wish they had actually because Afrihave the right to hair is not grbasic – it is never before grstraightforward at all. Applying oils or creams does not even offer the kind of greasiness they desire.

Products aside, my bit scientific research understanding tells me that hair’s herbal greasiness or oiliness is what keeps its strands shine and also defended from aspects such as sun and also friction that could damages it. It is this sort of moisturization that preserves the ends of hair and also prevents breakage.

Un-moisturized ends lead to even more breakage.

Any hair that is dry is bound to breakreallyquickly.

So, it’s currently harder for a babsence womale to keep moisture in her hair, but what deserve to worsen the dreaded dryness? Rubbing her kinky hair on a cotton pillowinstance, resting her uncovered hair on her husband’s cotton shirt, leaning on the cotton sofa, drying wet hair through a continuous towel, and the majority of importantly, forobtaining to moisturize. These are simply a couple of of a babsence woman’s problems via regards to hair.

Cotton and also fabricated fabrics such all the moisture out of hair. From the nature of black women’s hair, drying up puts them at an 85% opportunity of breakage. It provides feeling for Afrihave the right to Amerideserve to womales to invest not just in silk pillowcases yet likewise silk sheets and bonnets.

Babsence women have actually discovered fairly a variety of approaches to defend their hair, for circumstances, you’ll commonly view cornrows, twists, braids, buns, and many other protective hairformats.


Why execute babsence womales choose silk?

Silk is a herbal fiber that is mostly directly and also sleek. As you can view in the picture listed below, its straightness prevents the little bit moisture in African Amerihave the right to women’s hair from escaping. Using silk pillowinstances and also caps additionally ensures that their hair is based on much less friction. Silk is commonly fairly smooth when touched.


The other benefit is that babsence woguys love to style their hair, and in most situations, silk helps maintain the style of the previous day.

Even a couple of babsence men use silk too. They do this especially once they have texturizers in their hair to sell protection to the hair strands and also prevent excessive moisture loss while resting.

Silk also flat10s the hair and also males via lengthy hair use the herbal fabric for the very same factor babsence woguys do.

Reakid babsence ladies sleep on silk pillowcases

Black woguys sleep on silk pillowsituations and also wear silk bonnets and also head wraps to defend their stylized herbal hair and also store it good-searching for much longer. For many type of Afrihave the right to Amerideserve to women, silk pillowcases are component of the routine eexceptionally night and experts explain that is a good practice.

Is cotton pillowcase poor for babsence women’s hair?Cotton is not typically great for Black women’s hair bereason it creates also a lot friction between the hair strand also and the pillowinstance. Cotton and some artificial fibers also absorb moisture from the hair leaving it dry. Dry hair is prone to breakage.

Why perform babsence woguys wear scarves to bed?Many black woguys wear silk scarves to bed to protect their hair from breakage and preserve their stylized hair for a small much longer.

For many type of black womales, tying up their hair at night through silk scarfs or placing on a bonnet is akin to brushing teeth. It has to be done to be on the safe side.

Important to note is that tying up the hair is not a formal ceremony or routine. The factor behind the act is to maintain whatever hairstyle they have at the minute.

What around non-babsence womales making use of silk pillowcases?

Anybody deserve to usage silk pillowsituations. In reality, everybody should bereason silk has actually many benefits. Studies have proven aobtain and also aget that silk is the ideal cloth for bed sheets, pillowsituations, and also also garments.

The complying with are the primary benefits of using silk pillowcases:

Wicks ameans moisture and also avoids acne and also skin irritation.Silk has actually temperature regulating properties thereby making it good for civilization who sweat a lot in the time of their sleep.The slippery smooth texture of silkwillproccasion tangles and frizz.Silk maintains sleeping surface cleaner for longer.

Although a prevalent concern for babsence women, dry hair is likewise a problem for women from various other ethnicities. Some Asian and Caucasian womales via long hair might endure hair dryness. So, they too will certainly benefit from utilizing silk pillowcases.

The prices of silk pillowcases selection from $9.99 – $300 for high-quality silk fibers depending on the sourcing of raw products.

Silk bonnet

Modern Afrihave the right to Amerihave the right to women use silk bonnet as an alternative to pillowinstances. These bonnets have plenty of benefits but they cost slightly even more than polyester satin.

Final say

Those that arrangement to safeguard their hair by stopping shedding while they sleep favor having actually a pair of fine pillowsituations instead of other alternatives.

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Due to the straightness of silk fibers, the towel allows babsence women’s to glide over, unprefer cotton or various other synthetic fibers. This reduces hair damages by approximately 80% in a single sleep session.