It’s difficult not to notification a dog’s delight when his ears are being rubbed: he leans in to your hand, rolls earlier his eyes and also lets out a long sigh or groan.

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So, beside a great belly rub, why execute all dogs love having actually their ears massaged?

Nerves — a totality branch of them — release endorphins that make your dog feel downappropriate peaceful.

Understanding a Dog’s Ears

For years, alternative-health therapists have actually targeted the ears once practicing acupuncture or acupressure. Why? Since a dog’s ears contain a network-related of nerve branches that extfinish to interior organs, sending impulses throughout the body.


This “map of the body” within the ear offers an effective suggests for alternative-health and wellness medical professionals to percreate treatment on a dog’s body, states Dr. Christine Makowski, a Landenberg, Penn., veterinarian.

With that in mind, you can be able to understand that a dog’s ears are exceptionally sensitive to touch.

Ecstatic Ear Rubs

Has your dog ever fallen into a trance, or right into a light sleep, while having her ear’s rubbed? The nerve impulses sent out through the hypothalamus and pituitary glands actually secrete endorphins — the same pain-killing, feel-good hormones human beings release during exercise, for instance — that make your four-legged companion feel calm, mellow and also very happy.

When you rub your dog’s ears, she’s fundamentally obtaining high on her own hormones, states Dr. Allen Schoen, director of the Center for the Development of Veterinary Alterindigenous Therapies.

In enhancement, Schoen says massaging a dog’s ears meets an easy require for affection and communication from pet owners.

Dogs may be fairly selective as to whom may provide them the long-awaited pleasure of an ear rub.

Not All Ear Rubs Are Welcome

Just because dogs love a good ear rub doesn’t mean they desire everyone to reach down and give it a swarm. According to “The Secret Lives of Dogs”, dogs are certain around that rubs their ears. Strangers with outextended hands may make your dog rather nervous.


To understand this reaction, you have to identify that dogs associate the height of their heads (and also others’ heads) and also any kind of poignant to their heads as a dominance worry.

Have you ever before noticed a submissive dog tucking his head under another dog’s chin and also gently rubbing? Considered to be a authorize of respect, the opposite behavior would certainly be one dog deliberately placing his head on top of another dog’s head. Both behaviors are power moves — and also dogs will certainly normally associate a person’s hand relaxing on their head or rubbing their ears as dominant.

In various other words, dogs might be quite selective regarding whom may give them the long-awaited pleasure of an ear rub.

Now Hear This

One of the height reasons dogs visit vets each year? Ear infections.

A dog’s ear canals bend and curve sharply, making them susceptible to ear infections. This can be conveniently avoided via regular ear cleanings. However, if your dog unexpectedly shows signs of pain in the time of an ear rub, schedule an appointment through your veterinarian immediately. An infection should be diagnosed and treated as shortly as feasible.

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In enhancement, be careful once massaging the ears of a dog whose ears have been clipped. Some dogs may be sensitive to having actually their ears handled.