You have actually seen most drum heads spanned in tape. Some flat on, some with stselection looking fins and also some through somepoint seemingly stuck underneath it prefer a plaster. Assuming drummers are not trying to heal an injured drum head then what is going on via all that tape?

Many type of drummers tape on their snare and also tom heads in live performances and also for recording. This is to attain several things:

Decreases the tail of the hit after the initial transient.

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Mutes unwanted overtones.

Fat10s the drum sound.


Why perform it?

By adding gaffer tape of between 1 - 5 pieces around the drum head you have the right to regulate the high-end tail of the hit, it deserve to fatten the sound of the drum and decrease any type of resonance in any type of structural component of the drum kit all at once.

Ssuggest put, it transforms the sound and tone of the drums. Many kind of drummers think that a appropriately tuned drum kit is the only means to go and also including tape to a drum kit is a certain sign of someone that does not know just how to tune their drum kit properly. I don’t believe this as no matter how well you tune your drums you will certainly constantly want to fine tune them to gain the precise sound you desire from your kit especially once recording.

But what if I am a beginner?

Exactly, and I think its bad create to reject making use of tape and also assume a superior stance on tuning the drums. Yes drums perform need correct tuning for the best outcomes but everyone starts somewbelow and also if making use of some tape on an inexpensive kit at the start of your drumming and also recording journey to get the outcomes you require at the time then you need to go for it. BUT you have to constantly attempt and also acquire the ideal tuning you have the right to first.

What perform I need?

Gaffer tape. Its cheap, simple to use, you acquire a lot for your money. Any brand will do but the greater high quality stuff will certainly tend to be a little even more expensive. Keep it in your bag, it’s handy for any kind of musician or recording engineer. Tright here are other more expensive approaches of doing reasonably the exact same thing as what gaffer tape does such as moon gel, drum rings (o-rings) which you have the right to attempt out yet gaffer tape is a wonderful founding point (and my finishing suggest.)

So just how execute I carry out it?

First hit your wanted drum in the centre of the head and listen. This is constantly the initially starting point as you might not require anything on them at all. But if you feel the drum is ringing too a lot or the high end is a little too bbest then add some tape…

Rip off a item of tape about 4 inches (10.16 cm) lengthy and also make a small shark fin in the middle so it looks prefer this _/\_ Then go to the external edge of your drum skin and location it at roughly 10 0clock at about 1 inch (2.54 cm) from the edge then test it. If you desire even more put another at 2 o’clock and also so on functioning your way around the drum evenly. I discover the sweet spot to be roughly 2 - 3 pieces, after that the drum tends to sound a little dead.

After experimentation, including and also removing the tape “fin” you will ultimately discover the sound you choose. And that’s all tright here is to it.

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Bonus tip: You can perform this on overly ringing cymbals as well, however more care demands to be taken as we don’t desire dead cymbals. Yuk.