The disastrous effects of earthquakes are from landslides, tsunamis, fires, and fault rupture. The violent shaking of the ground produces the greatest property losses and also individual injuries.

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In The golden state, the collapse of structures, roadways and also infrastructure produced eight of the ten costliestearthquakesin the last one hundred years. TheUNITED STATE Geological Survey reports tright here is a 72 percent probability that an earthquake of magnitude 6.7 or larger will strike theSan Francisco Bay location within the following 30 years. Southern The golden state has actually a 60% chance of experiences an earthquake measuring magnitude 6.7 in the exact same timeframe.

why are earthquakes dangerous?

The damages caused by earthquakes is from groundshaking, ground rupture, landslides, tsunamis, and also liquefactivity. Earthquake damages from fires is the the majority of important additional effect.

The Ridgecremainder earthquakes that hit onJuly 4 and also July 5, 2019 through a magnitude 6.4 and also 7.1, respectively, were the a lot of recent significant earthquakes in Southern California. The second quake with a magnitude 7.1 lasted 12 seconds and also was felt by around 30 million people from Sacramento to San Diego. More than 6,000 homes shed power.

The Ridgecremainder earthquakes followed a 25-year "quiet period" after the Northridge earthquake. Northridge, at a 6.7 magnitude earthquake, eliminated 58 people, injured even more than 9,000 and led to more than $49 billion in economic loss.

How do Earthquakes Causage Damage

Earthquake damage starts with the earth’s violent shaking that deserve to rupture the earth, cause landslides and also revolve the surconfront of the earth to liquid. The damaging shaking of major earthquakes have the right to be felt hundreds of miles away.

A house damaged in the 2004 San Simeon earthquake. Photograph credit: FEMA News.

Ground Shaking & Structural Failure

Ground shaking is the vibration of the ground throughout an earthquake. The shaking triggers other dangers such as liquefactivity and landslides. Many earthquake damage results from the seismic waves passing beneath structures, roads, and various other frameworks.

Surconfront Rupture & Ground Displacement

The main earthquake risk is surface rupture. It have the right to be brought about by vertical or horizontal movement on either side of a ruptured fault. Ground displacement, which can impact big land also areas, can create serious damage to structures, roads, railways and also pipelines.


Earthquakes have the right to trigger landslidesand also mudslides, specifically in locations through water-soaked soils. Landslides might result in falling rocks and debris that collide with civilization, trees, pets, buildings and also vehicles. They likewise have the right to block roadways and disrupt utility lines.


The shaking from an earthquake can turn loose soil right into a liquid during an earthquake.

Liquefactiondeserve to undermine the structures and also supports of structures, bridges, pipelines, and also roadways, causing them to sink right into the ground, collapse or dissolve.


An earthquake created within the Pacific Ocean floor will certainly generate a tsunami, which is actually a collection of exceptionally lengthy waves. Large tsunamis which travel to the sea floor to the surface are dangerous to human health and wellness, residential or commercial property, and infrastructure. Long lasting results of tsunami devastation can be felt beyond the coastline.


Earthquake damage facts show fires led to by earthquakes are the second the majority of prevalent peril. Earthquake fires start when electric and gas lines are dislodged because of the earth’s shaking. Gas is set totally free as gas lines are broken and a spark will begin a firestorm.

Destruction Casupplied by Earthquakes

Eincredibly area of the Golden State holds earthquake threat. Most of us live within 30 miles of an energetic fault. How dangerous are earthquakes? Earthquakes can shake dwellings off their structures, turn soil to liquid, and also cause landslides.

Earth Shaking


This gif mirrors an shown example of just how an earthquake’s sudden release of pressure and also seismic waves have the right to reason earth shaking and also ground displacement, showing up in this instance as cracks in the ground soil. Liquefactivity can also occur and also rotate the soil to liquid. Ground shaking often leads to various other hazards and kinds of damages, such as a house moving off its foundation.

Surconfront Rupture


The vibrations from an earthquake deserve to lead to ground displacement and also surchallenge rupture. The surconfront rupture deserve to cause other risks, and also damage to roads and also buildings. In this instance, the surface rupture has resulted in huge cracks and also the collapse of a paved road. This might cause injuries, loss of life, or impede people from gaining home or to work-related.


Picture credit: USGS​

Earthquakes often create landslides, which deserve to cause catastrophic damages to homes and also communities. This photo of a landslide in El Salvador in 2001 shows just how disastrous landslideshave the right to be to human being and their homes.

exactly how to reduce earthquake damage

The shaking from a major earthquake have the right to shake and change virtually whatever inside your home. According to a UCLA examine, the majority of the injuries from the damaging 1994 Northridge earthquake were from heavy furniture and also family objects falling on people.

To prepare for following earthquake, evaluate the security of your residence. Your residence safety review ranks high on your earthquake preparation checklist, after preparing your earthquake safety and security kit and also gathering important provides. Keep your family safe and also prevent the injury of your loved ones by being all set.

Personal Preparedness Guidelines

Earthquakes produce sudden, rapid shaking of the earth caused by the changing of rock beneath the earth’s surchallenge. Earthquakes strike without warning, at any time of year, day or night. Avoid earthquake damages and injury.

Prepare currently for your family’s safety and security and recovery from a disastrous earthquake. Create an earthquake safety and security arrangement. Practice Drop, Cover, and Hold On.

The 2019 Ridgecrest earthquakes that hit Southern The golden state were felt as far ameans as Las Vegas and also Arizona. The 7.1 and 6.4 quakes were the largest to strike in twenty years.

Find Out about earthquake survival tips to save your household all set before the next huge one hits.

Understand Geologic & Structural Risks to Your House

Eincredibly Californian encounters earthquake danger based upon the location of their homes or work-related. The golden state is earthquake nation, with nearly 16,000 recognized faults and more than 500 active faults. Most of us live within 30 miles of an energetic fault threat.

Find out around faults in your area by visiting the CEA threat map for each county. This indevelopment will aid you survive an earthquake.

Earthquakes cause landslides, mudslides, surchallenge rupture and also liquefactivity of the soil. Find Out about geologic risks in your neighborhood and structural risks to your house.

Then learn around your home’s structural dangers, the steps you can take to seismically strengthen your residence and the benefits of retrofitting. Make your residence even more resistant to earthquake damages by assessing its framework and contents.

is your home at risk of earthquake damage?

Avoid earthquake damage by learning about your home’s structural dangers.

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Earthquake safety preparation needs your understanding of the potential structural hazards to your home in instance of an earthquake.

Although tright here are alotof various ways that earthquakes can cause damage, there are also many ways you have the right to prepare. Learn just how to prepare your home for earthquake threat to strengthen it and also make it even more resistant to earthquake damage—​today!