Ecologists ask inquiries around occasions and also organism that variety in complexities from individual organisms to the biospbelow at huge because they want to understand also the partnership that exists between organisms and also their setting.

Ecology is the scientific research of the connection between living organisms and also their atmosphere. The scope of ecology varieties from individual organisms via a populace to a community and also the biospright here at huge.

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it hregarding be understood that the sea water has a large amount of sodium and chlorine ions and if they enter the cell of the atlantic cod fish, the cell will shrivel and the fish will die. to stop such a problem, the fish provides energetic move for the objective of rerelocating the ions versus the gradient.

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the atlantic cod is not a maritime osmoconformer. its indigenous application of salts is less than that of the seawater it resides in. it is continually falling water from the gills to the ocean through osmosis.

countering that, the fish is going to be swenabling seawater. yet given that its interior repertoire of salts is reduced than seawater, the fish will desire to go free of excess salt, and also considering that that"s going upon a gradient, then active deliver, requiring power, should be supplied to pump out the salt. a lot marine fish use the organs to filter out the salt and also these fish discharge exceptionally right urine.

measuring light intensity

light meters have the right to be offered to meacertain light intensity. the meter is organized at the soil surconfront and pointed in the direction of the maximum light intensity, and also then the meter is check out.

errors deserve to be made as soon as measuring light intensity by accidentally shading the light meter. the reliability of the results can be checked by taking many type of samples.




Why does meiosis create cells through fifty percent the chromosomes? o a. most of the chromosomes are not important to keep an organism alive. b. a gamete demands just fifty percent the variety of chromosomes because 2 gametes sign up with together. o c. it makes the gametes much easier to relocate about in the organism. o d. it is faster to develop gametes through fewer chromosomes.

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The reactions that happen in the ribosome, where amino acids are unified to develop proteins are anabolic or catabolic?
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Which sentence best describes the partnership between chlorophyll and also the chloroplast? a.) chlorophyll is a chemical uncovered in a chloroplast. b.) chloroplast is a chemical uncovered in a chlorophyll. c.) both chlorophyll and also chloroplasts are found in animals. d.) both chlorophyll and chloroplasts make carbon dioxide.