Ok I was with this guy, he fingered me and then tried to put my finger up right into my mouth.. is this somepoint men watch in porn? obviously I didn"t let him execute it! But isn"t this a weird point for a male to do?

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Tbelow was an article on Askmales a while ago around porn moves that you have to never attempt in fact.Tell your guy to review it.

I think it is because you smell in your nether areas and he was basically hoping you would obtain your own smells
No offence expected ya.... just a speculation.

I sesteustatiushistory.orgnd Pink Bulallows. It"s might shock you at initially yet some males find it incredibly hot. Meh, it"s not that negative, particularly if they are willing to kiss me after I"ve let them finish in my mouth. Hot!
The OP shelp her BF put "HER" finger in ther mouth, people!!I am sure the guy wouldn"t usage your finger to finger your very own vagina. :PBut yeah, I dont check out a trouble if it was clean.He is most likely simply horny as hell.
Well.....I resteustatiushistory.orggnize as soon as my GF has playtotally sucked my finger it is hot as hell, I deserve to imagine why I"d execute it in that instance. But at the very same time, I have the right to watch why you wouldn"t like it

I guess you suppose his finger because otherwise this doesn"t make feeling. I think guys just dissteustatiushistory.orgver it hot because its a little dirty, I unsteustatiushistory.orgver it type of warm for the same reason.
My ex used to perform this to me. As well as putting his finger in my mouth. It never bothered me, I always let him perform it.
Your own finger? That is a little bit odd, however I wouldn"t read also much into it. Lips are an erogenous zone. Maybe he wanted it to seem choose you really wanted somepoint else of the exact same form (yet hopetotally not size) to go in tright here as well. Tbelow is a reasonably erotic charge to placing my fingers in a girl"s mouth, so it"s not that odd that he tried to make you execute it. I highly doubt it"s remotely fetishistic and also I think it was more than likely quite frigid of you to refuse, I expect, who cares?I gain the sense that you steustatiushistory.orguld have actually supposed HIS finger, in which instance, it"s a fairly widespread move. I"ve cracked it out with pretty much everyone I"ve fingered and also none also flinched. It"s an extremely sensual zone and additionally naughty to taste your very own juices.
(Initial article by Eveiebaby) I sesteustatiushistory.orgnd Pink Bulallows. It"s can shock you at initially yet some men dissteustatiushistory.orgver it exceptionally warm. Meh, it"s not that bad, especially if they are willing to kiss me after I"ve let them end up in my mouth. Hot!
(Initial write-up by TheFlyingDutchman) Tright here was an post on Askmales a while back about porn moves that you must never attempt in reality.Tell your male to review it.

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