Oh, Grey’s Anatomy. How your finishing quotes kill me. I constantly obtain a nice chill as soon as Meredith narrates and also states a quote. Call me silly, yet all the quotes I’ve heard so much have made me shiver in delight. Yet I haven’t viewed the entire series. I generally catch an episode here and tright here as soon as I visit my paleas (as they are the ones with the expensive tv and cable). I always intended to watch it from the beginning and also capture up but I never got about to it. I guess I suffer from the same commitment problems as Amy.

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*le gasp* You dare not watch our whole show?

Tbelow are various other mirrors which I wish to commit to however really haven’t. Gossip Girl is one. When I regulate to capture an episode I constantly want to watch more however then I have somepoint else to carry out.

Then we have Glee. It hasn’t been feasible to miss the Gleek fever before that has spreview because the beginning of the series. Especially on my Twitter. So once I witnessed this this day, I was left wondering why I don’t watch this present.

Plus that Brittany type of is one incredibly warm girl. Like woah.

Lastly, I have obtained my eyes on Pan Am. Partly bereason I have actually a point for period dramas, because Christina Ricci has actually a role in it and because ER writer Jack Ormale and The West Wing’s executive producer, Thomas Schlamme, are in charge. By the means, those were two shows I did watch from start to finish.


Is it worth the watch?

Makes me wonder if TV reflects provided to be great and also currently they aren’t? Or is it my lack of a television? Or my absence of interest? Because it is not that I am doing anypoint better via my time. I am a great multitasker. Watching Grey’s Anatomy while I create this. Heh.

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Joel Burmale says:

You are ideal they offered to be a lot better. The Wire, Buffy, Veronica Mars, Oz, 24 and also Alias are just a bunch that comes to mind.