Possible choices of divine roles include the following: father or mommy divinities, divinities of war, home or hearth divinities, divinities of love, divinities of wisdom, divinities of medication or wellness, divinities of the wind, divinities of farming, divinities of the skies, leader of all the gods, and so on.

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Identify the role in the title of your matrix.

Select 2 myths, each from a different culture, in which the divine duty shows up.

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“ Divine Roles Across Cultures Matrix ”
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Identify the divinity names and also societies in columns A and also B.

Complete the matrix by answering each of the 5 inquiries for both selected divinities.

Title: Divinities of Love and BeautyTower ADivinity Name: AphroditeCulture of Origin: GreekTower BDivinity Name: FreyjaCulture of Origin: Norse

1. How is this divinity portrayed? Describe the divinity’s function within the myth.

She was shown to be the goddess of love and also beauty frequently shown smiling. She is the daughter of Zeus.

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Some myths additionally say they daughter of Uranus (Aphrodite, 2002). One of the more known and told myth is her helping Paris to abduct his love Helen of Troy. She was the goddess of love, lust, fertility and also magic. According to Freyja (1996), she is believed to be the daughter of the sea god Njord and the earth-goddess Nerthus. She had a twin brvarious other named Frey. Some think that she was married to Od and also as soon as he passed away she never before married again and provided her powers to have sex with gods, mortals, dwarfs, giants and dwarfs.

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Others say that she is the same perboy as Frigg who is wife to Odin (Freyja, 1996).

2. Is the divinity male or female? What attribute does this gender play?

Aphrodite is female. Her sex feature would certainly be the sexual aspect of the myth bordering her because she is known for seduction. Freyja was a female who was the goddess of lust and also love.

3. Within the myth of origin, how does this divinity compare with other divinities? How does this divinity connect through or compare to divinities of the same gender and also to divinities of the oppowebsite gender?

Aphrodite is among the twelve good Olympians. Aphrodite was able to make all the gods and mortals fall in love or be get rid of with desire, other than Athena, Artemis, and also Hestia (Aphrodite, 2002). She is known to have had actually many affairs against her mortal spouse with various other gods and mortals. Aphrodite was equally quarrelsome and also manipulative to both genders of divinities. If anyone wronged her she would make them fall in love via whomever or whatever she pleased. Freyja is among the a lot of respected of the goddesses. She is extremely well respected by the female gender of goddesses. She is the goddess of fertility and it was sassist that if a female wanted kids they just necessary to contact on her and also just being in her visibility would become with kid. The male gender is the majority of lustful after Freyja. She was able to manipulate any type of male sexually.

4. What are the divinity’s qualities, such as divine powers or characteristics? What objects does the divinity possess, such as a weapon or animal, that assist him or her?

She was able to make anyone autumn in love. She can seduce anyone she wanted. She had the ability to encourage sexual desire, the treatment of womales in child birth, magic, and also she helped half the mortal heroes killed in fight to Valhalla. She was well-known to ride a board or be in a chariot pulled by cats.

5. Identify one character from contemporary society that shares features of each divinity and define why you chose each character. What real-life ideals does this divine role represent? How attainable are these ideals? For Aphrodite I think of the vampire characters from the television present and book series of True Blood. They are able to compel human being to execute whatever before they want by either being lustful or on humans by hypnotizing them to perform what they desire. I think it reflects that also in the beginning sex was still the crucial to being able to manipulate to gain what you desire.

I don’t entirely agree with these ideas. I think depending on who you are these ideals deserve to be conveniently attainable. For Freyja I am going to use True Blood aget but through the character of Sookie Stackresidence. She was lusted after from a lot of males that came about her and she was magical bereason of being a fairy. Again, depending upon the kind of person you are some of the ideals are excellent. I know for womales that have difficulty ending up being pregnant would love to have her magnificent power of fertility. Scientifically tbelow are methods to help women come to be pregnant however still not everyone is able to bear a boy.

Summary: Write a 150- to 350-word brief essay addressing the following: Why perform so many societies have actually divinities in comparable roles?

I feel that as a humale the thirst for understanding is why many type of cultures have actually divinities through comparable duties. I think that many these supernatural divinities were created as a method to describe why points are the means that they are. Tright here as to be a factor why things are this method and prior to modern-day scientific research finding the precise factors were beside difficult.

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There are likewise world out tbelow that think the reason that every one of these divinities are so similar is because they gods are actually aliens from various other planets visiting our civilization. I don’t know whether any of the stories told have actually any semblance of reality, yet it does make you think of the possibilities. In many kind of faiths they believe that there is only one god that created everything. Tbelow is no best or wrong answer at this allude because I think that till we uncover a method to travel back in time we can’t know specifically why these mythical divinities are so equivalent.


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