In both the publications and also movies of The Lord of the Rings the elves go to the West. However it claims nopoint of the Mirkwood Elves heading to go West, nor does it say anything around them having actually any plans to.

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Do they leave throughout the sea at The Grey Havens or execute they remain? And if they do stay in Middle-earth, what happened to them? Did other elves stay as well?

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Tolkien is rather clear on a number of occasions that the last of the Eldar (i.e the Elves of the West who carried out the Great Journey) left Middle-earth in the years adhering to the defeat of Sauron, yet sometimes this may have actually been many years after, and also he"s not constantly clear in specifically exactly how long.

For example, in the prologue to the Lord of the Rings we check out the following:

It is shelp that Celeborn saw dwell there after the exit of Galadriel; however tright here is no record of the day once at last he sought the Grey Havens, and also with him went the last living memory of the Elder Days in Middle-earth.

And in Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age (published in the Silmarillion) we read:

In that time the last of the Noldor set sail from the Havens and also left Middle-earth for ever. And latest of all the Keepers of the Three Rings rode to the Sea, and also Master Elrond took tright here the ship that Círdan had made prepared... it passed right into the Old West, and also an end was come for the Eldar of story and of song.

Tright here was but an additional group of Elves well-known as the Avari, who refsupplied the Great Journey, and many of the Mirkwood and Lórien Elves are members of this group. It"s not told whether or not these went West or stayed in Middle-earth complying with Sauron"s defeat, yet one would expect that they would certainly have little bit impetus for going West given that they refoffered the summons of the Valar in the initially location.

The mainly etymological essay Quendi and Eldar, published in History of Middle-earth 11, sheds some added light on relationships in between the Eldar and the Avari, noting in certain of the Tatyarin Avari (i.e those from the second clan, from which also came the Noldor) that:

They were actually unfriendly to the Noldor, and jealous of their even more exalted kin, whom they accused of arrogance. This ill-feeling descfinished in component from the bitterness of the Debate before the March of the Eldar started...

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But also:

For in contrast the Lindarin elements in the western Avari were friendly to the Eldar, and also willing to learn from them; and also so cshed was the feeling of kinship between the remnants of the Sindar, the Nandor, and the Lindarin Avari, that later in Eriador and the Vale of Anduin they often ended up being merged together.