Figure skating fans weren"t surprised to check out what happened at the finish of Yuzuru Hanyu"s short program at the Olympics. After being out for the previous couple of months as a result of an ankle injury, according to the Japan Times, fans of the present favorite to win gold applauded, yelled, and waved Japanese flags in assistance of his comeago.

What happened following, but, shocked casual viewers, as it started to rain dvery own stuffed Winnie the Pooh bears from the stands. Why Winnie the Pooh? Because early in his career, Yuzuru has lugged a unique Winnie the Pooh tproblem box holder that he takes with him to every competition as his excellent luck cinjury. But bereason of sponsorship issues, he can not bring it to the Games, so his fans are helping him out by tossing toys on the ice.


Little girls in equivalent skating outfits ran out into the ice to pick each of the plushies up, while it was announced that Hanyu missed breaking his very own civilization record score he set previously this year yet was presently in the lead, according to NBC. On peak of that great news, he likewise became the brand-new owner of dozens of flowers, gifts, and stuffed animals from his loyal fans. It"ll be difficult for him to carry all of them ago home, but as it turns out, skaters actually do not have to.


According to the Japan Times, Hanyu announced that he will certainly be donating the gifts that gain thrown onto the ice. "I will certainly perform the exact same as in all competitions: I give them to the neighborhood neighborhood," he sassist. "I will certainly donate them to people of Gangneung or PyeongChang."

It"s a number skating tradition that doesn"t look like it will finish quickly. Fans of skaters bring flowers, stuffed animals, art, and various other gifts that they throw on the ice after their favorite skater"s performance. Some even attempt to fit the layout of the skater"s performance, prefer earlier this year once UNITED STATE skater Sean Rablittle got not simply one but twelve bottles of tequila after skating to "Tequila" for his short program.

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12 bottles to be exact! ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ˜‚ say thanks to you to the Adult Skating Community! (That"s who gained together to gift it)

โ€” Sean Rabbitt <ๅ…Ž> (

Some skaters also partner with certain charities that are cshed to their hearts. 2014 U.S. Olympian Jakid Brown donates his presents to Ronald McDonald Housage Charities almost everywhere the human being.

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