Have you ever wondered why girls go to the bathroom together at a party, a club, or even a date? Well, I am below to help you decode what they are doing and also why they are traveling in a pack.

#1 Gossip

Let’s be honest, as unfortunate as it is, drama adheres to girls all over they go, including the bathroom. In movies and in real life, this is probably the truest reason why girls go to the bathroom together. Whether it’s gossiping about a boy or also an additional girl, this is the spot we go. That is just the first factor why girls go in the bathroom together. 

#3 Mirror Selfies

Yes, girls go to the bathroom to take mirror selfies together. A lot of commodes offer good lighting and also periodically full-size mirrors. If you are wearing a cute outfit or having an excellent hair day, obviously you want to document that! Especially if you are at the bar or a club, you desire to gain an excellent photo, you need light! Many locations are dark and perform not provide you the best photos. So we rekind to the bathroom!

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#5 Female Probs

If girls obtain as much as go to the bathroom together, it might mean that their periods are possibly synced and also tbelow needs to be some tampon trading. It’s also an area where girls can talk around how a lot they hate their period or even how gross they feel. The bathroom enables for a subtle place to talk about these feminine matters. Also, the majority of girls lug feminine products in their purse making it crucial to go to the bathroom together if it’s that time of the month. 


#7 Quiet Time

If you are out at the club or a bar, the scene have the right to obviously acquire extremely rowdy and also loud. The bathroom is a great area for girls to disappear in order to acquire some quietness and privacy. It is a area to catch up via an old frifinish or talk about plans with your roommate. This is a really regular thing for girls to carry out and also one of the main factors why girls go in the bathroom together.


#9 Heart to Hearts

After a challenging night via friends or boy troubles, this is the place wbelow girls will escape to. Following best behind is always a friend. Having a heart to heart in the bathroom is an extremely prevalent thing for woguys to perform. Whether it’s sitting on the floor and simply stating life or offering each other advice, the bathroom is always a go-to. 


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#13 Going to the Bathroom

Tright here is an extremely excellent opportunity we both simply genuinely need to use the bathroom. Having a tiny bladder makes it almost impossible to not usage the restroom commonly. When someone goes via you, they more than likely simply need to go as well. 

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#15 Secrets

If you were a fly on the wall in the bathroom, you would hear many tricks being spilled. It is additionally an excellent area to get all your friends in one spot to increate them of somepoint you saw or that you had actually a tiny too much to drink and also have to leave asap.