In the second installment of Style in Real Life I’m going to break down the style of one of the most distinctive, amazing, and intentional males on YouTube.

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Casey Neistat is a daily vlogger who has had actually no little amount of affect on my own channel, together with hundreds of others that have actually tried to make an influence on YouTube.

And he dresses in a way that contributes exceptionally well to knowledge that he is and also what he’s about.

Click here to watch the YouTube video: Casey Neistat Style in Real Life

Click right here to watch the YouTube video: Casey Neistat Format in Real Life

He’s been making films for years and also just newly had actually one – in which he snowboards behind a jeep in the middle of NYC – go viral.

And, while he desires you to think it’s a random, hodgepodge mix of different variables, it’s all extremely deliberate and intentional.

So let’s start with Neistat’s most recognizable functions and also work out from tright here.

The Sunglasses

The most prominent write-up of apparel that shows up in virtually eincredibly among his videos, is his custom pair of Ray Ban wayfarers.

While they serve a practical objective – they allow him to watch himself in the screen, as opposed to looking in the lens, while still keeping the illusion of eye call – they’re so a lot even more than that.

They are purposely bconsumed up and he invests no small amount of time in personalizing them so they look as trashed as they deserve to.

While the original look might have been somepoint that taken place naturally and organically – every subsequent pair goes with a development procedure designed particularly to make them look tradition, well-provided, and also ill cared for.

Which is another aspect of Neistat’s as a whole aesthetic.

The Damaged Goods


A considerable percentage of his wardrobe is composed of thread-bare items that look as if they’ve viewed better days.

Not most – but still a good percentage of his clothing – especially his jeans – are complete of holes and show off most distressing.

And not the faux distressing found at the mall – the actual deal that comes from treating clothes as fungible, replaceable items.

To a male prefer Neistat, the appearance of being as well neat, too put together, also came to with his appearance – all runs respond to to 2 major components of the photo he desires to portray – that of a man that concentrates so much on attribute that it comes at the cost of develop and also that of a totally free soul and artist – someone who is defined by a refusal to shade within the lines.

Not just does Neistat understand also this – he uses it as a way to increase his branding.

The Brand also Aversion

Not wanting to be a shill for any kind of specific brands, he goes out of his way to cover, remove, or damage any type of logos on his apparel or his gear.

Neistat doesn’t treatment (or at leastern desires you to think he doesn’t care) that his coat is made from Canada Goose, his sunglasses come from RayBan, and also his cameras are all Canon

While he never denies the brands that produce his commodities, he does go out of his means to hide any type of affiliation or loyalty to them.

It’s an intentional move. It takes time to tape over jacket patches, grind out resin, and also scrape off stickers.

If he truly didn’t care – he wouldn’t perform anypoint at all – just leave the branding alone.

But he cares – simply from a suggest of negative association as opposed to one which is positive.

The Generational Influence

Neistat’s style is deliberately casual – which I think is an outcome of him being component of generation X.

Not only is he component of a different generation than many kind of of his viewers, he was required to flourish up easily as an outcome of an admittedly turbulent partnership with his paleas and having his very own son at a very young age.

As an outcome, Neistat is more likely to watch the world through the lens of rebellion against the Man – tropes that started with the Baby Boomers and also lugged on through activities choose the punk and skate society of the 90’s and also early on 2000’s.

I’m simply a couple of years younger than Neistat myself and figured out via a lot of these exact same ideals as I was prospering up.

For males of this perspective, tbelow is nopoint more restrictive, boring, or oppressive than the safe corporate unidevelop of a dark suit and also tie.

And, while he might periodically wear a suit or even develop a film advertising one, Neistat always wears his suiting as casually as possible.

Skinny ties and also lapels, extra small collars via the top button regularly left undone, and a pair of sneakers – as opposed to dress shoes – are his suiting mainremain.

The Daily Uniform


While he will certainly wear a suit as soon as he hregarding, his daily breview and also butter consists of

Jeans or JoggersA T-shirt and/or crewneck sweaterA pair of high-topsSome wrist-wear that is often a balance of a high-finish watch/apple watch and also a few random beads and arm bands.And – in the cooler months – a few layers of babsence jacketing

Neistat additionally both embraces and also defies the negative – nerdy connotations that come through wearing a fanny load or cell-phone belt clip, and keeps a point-and-shoot video camera holstered on his belt at all times.

Even his tattoos and their apparent random placement are all designed to look as unplanned as they feasible.

If they were too neat, as well planned out, or too well-inserted, they wouldn’t contribute to his brand – they’d detract from it.

And don’t think that Neistat isn’t a fan of order and company.

Just take a look at his studio tour video and also see just how meticulous he is around labeling items, arranging them, and also rerelocating things choose cable clutter that many of the remainder of us attend to.

Neistat is a man who enjoys order – however only as soon as it’s his very own personal version of it.

His hair, tattoos, hand-written identifiers, casual strategy, and also bconsumed up garments all add to one as a whole aesthetic

Organized Chaos

It’s the life he leads and also the message he sells.

Neistat’s breakdown

70% Rakish25% Rugged5% Refined

Don’t know what I mean by Rugged, Refined, and Rakish? Well go examine these out.

The Three Masculine Layout Archetypes

Rugged Man,

Refined Man,

Rakish Man


Want to recognize where you fall right into the Three Masculine Style Archetypes?

Take this quick quiz and I’ll tell you. CLICK HERE

Want more?

Neistat tells a story through his style and also I want you to carry out the same.

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Find Out the how males throughout time and across all cultures have use their apparel to interact specific, masculine virtues and tell stories that bring about more success, happiness, and fulfillment.