it's a neat theme that gets repetitively repetitive. I wonder if Finn will certainly ultimately shed (most likely just modify) an arm in the significant timeline.

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Finn seems to favor having something various other than a right arm. To enumerate:

One-equipped Shoko (The Vault)

Ratchet-armed Farmworld Finn (Jake the Dog / King Worm)

Pillow-armed older Finn (Puhoy)

Robot-equipped older Finn (Mortal Folly)

Sword-equipped Finn (Wizard - though, in fairness, it's his left arm)

Whip-armed future Finn (Dungeon Train)

Cyborg-equipped robot-fighting Finn (comics)

Did I miss any?

In mortal recoil, finn imagines himself as a brave warrior thing via one arm. Also, tright here was some idea art mirroring a "Lemon Finn" through one arm chopped off.

the normal jake of the normal civilization is finns "right hand man" in alternative universes, jake is either various or entirely missing. thus, finns right hand also is absent.

probably theres some sort of attach tbelow. who knows.

in the comic, finn is armless but has actually jake at his side. theres the just flaw to the concept i think.


In the comics (which are just as great as the present, by the way), Finn upqualities his arm in the near future (and also gets super ripped) in order to stand also a opportunity versus the evil Finn & Jake robots produced by BMO (that weren't intended to be evil, though).

I'm not completely certain if the books are thought about canon (I think they are), yet this could be the (possible) "arm modification" of major timeline Finn then.

Due to the fact that they later use a time machine to prevent some of this happening, that one might be considered an "alternative version" too, though.

The comics are a quasi-parallel universe. Things that occur in the comic are not necessarily canon in the present and also vice versa.

Could it be a metaphor? Maybe that the alternative timeline/cosmos Finns are all "broken" or infinish, while major timeline Finn is totality and also undamaged, offering a visual cue as to whether we're handling the "Real" Finn or not.

I think the creators choose pushing the idealism that you cant change destiny. Like once Finn wished the litch never before existed, and also in making that wish he basically set his time line right into activity when even more, just making Jake the litch, and himself the new ice king. No matter what happens in any type of fact these points are bound to happen.

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The mushroom bomb is bound to go off. The litch will certainly be produced. Finn will certainly shed his arm. Im certain tbelow are a few other unpreventable realities yet since the whole story is write-up apocalyptic i guess the message is you cant escape the end.