Chapter Three *Vocabulary - Find the definition for the following words in this chapter and also create one paragraph that supplies all 4 words correctly: aloof p. 38 - Distant physically or emotionally; reservedimpersonally p. 38, In an imindividual manner. doing not have personality.

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ornery p. 39, Mean-spirited, disagreeableresignedly p. 44 having actually pertained to accept; passiveLucy was very aloof around her friends. she constantly talked to them in an impersonal manner, her friends misconstrued her for an ornery person however she was just also remote and also didn"t choose sharing points through various other human being. Lucy"s bestfriend Rach is very loud abnoxious boy. Rach never understood why she was always so quiet however at some point she went up to Lucy."I dont understand why your always so quiet, yet thats just how you are, and also i favor it." she said resignedly.1. What does Cherry define as the distinction in between the socs and also the greasers?Greasers are more emotional and also have actually different values. Its not the money that sepeprices Greasers from Socs. Socs are Sophisticated and cool to the point of not feeling anything. nothing is real with them, its prefer via the Socs they are constantly never satisfyed with what they have and always trying to obtain what they want.2. What does Ponyboy expect on p. 39 as soon as he states "Johnny and I taken each various other without saying anything"? Have you ever had actually a partnership through someone that you understood, or who interpreted you, without having actually to say anything?Yes, actually i have actually. We know eachother so well that simply by the expression on their confront, or the actions we carry out, we know whats wrong or what they are feeling. I think Ponyboy means that him and also Johnny are comfortable together, have an excellent relationship and also have recognized eachvarious other for a really lengthy time. so they just understand exactly how they are feeling and also understands just by looking at eachother.3. When and also exactly how did Pony"s paleas die?eight months back in a automobile crash.4. What happens once Pony comes house after his curfew?When Pony comes residence after his curfew Darry gets really mad bereason he didn"t know where Pony was and was really worried, so he started yelling and screaming at pony and also so Sodapop (as usual) tried standing up for Ponyboy however then Darry yelled at him also, which made pony snap and then Darry slapped Ponyboy so hard he knocked him against the door. Ponyboy acquired so upset he ran away to the park with Johnny. Its not the money, its the feeling.5. Why does Johnny choose it better when his father is hitting him?Johnny likes it much better once his father is hitting him because his father knows hes there and also isn"t pretending that he isn"t. when johnny leaves its choose he doesn"t also exsist in his family and he feels left out, forgained, outcasted. When Johnny"s father hits him, hes acknowlegding Johnny"s tbelow. and also Johnny likes it better as soon as his Father notice"s hes tbelow.6. At the end of the chapter, exactly how does the author foreshadow that bad things are to come?The author foreshadows by saying "Things acquired better i figured, yet they couldnt gain worse, i was wrong." thats saying to the reader that somthing bad is going to take place and also it foreshadows negative things.

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