I have tagged this question also via a-song-of-ice-and-fire because I am interested around ultimate book details that didn"t make it right into the present.

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I know that in the books Jon"s ancestry is still a secret, yet I mean it will not be much different from what we"ve viewed in the display.

In the display, Jon Scurrently Targaryen is shown to be dark haired, while all other Targaryens are blonde-virtually white.

We have actually checked out that the colour of the hair is deemed a great indication as to which family members one could belong to (see the "Baratheon" children).

Is there an excellent explacountry of why Jon does not fit the Targaryen pattern? Or have to it be considered "hand-wave" away-able bereason "no various other Targaryen-Stark son was ever before born so it is not a provided that he have to have Targaryen hair"?

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Historical Half Targaryens via Non-Valyrian features

That"s the situation through many Half Targaryens in history.

King Daeron II married Mariah Martell. His initially born boy, Prince Baelor had dark hair of his mommy.

Of Prince Maekar he observed no sign, however he known Prince Baelor atLord Ashford"s side. Sunlight flaburned golden off the shoulder claspthat hosted his cloak and the slim coronet about his holy places, butotherwise he dressed far even more simply than many of the various other lords.He does not look a Targaryen in fact, through that dark hair. Dunk said as a lot to Egg.

"It"s sassist he favors his mother," the boy reminded him. "She wasa Dornish princess."Dunk and Egg: The Hedge Knight

Prince Baelor"s own sons Valarr and Matarys had actually the same hair.

King Daeron"s fourth child, Maekar had actually Targaryen silver hair. But he married a Dayne. So his initially born kid, Prince Daeron additionally had actually the prevalent hair rather of the silver-gold hair of Targaryens.

Dunk chewed, swallowed, and also tore off some even more bcheck out. "Why did you doit? Was it some jape, to make a fool of the stupid hedge knight?"

"No." The boy"s eyes filled with tears, but he stood there mancompletely."I was supposed to squire for Daeron. He"s my oldest brother. Ilearned whatever I had actually to learn to be a good squire, however Daeronisn"t a really great knight. He didn"t desire to ride in the tourney, soafter we left Summerhall he stole amethod from our escort, only insteadof doubling ago he went right on towards Ashford, thinking they"dnever look for us that method. It was him shaved my head. He knew myfather would sfinish males searching us. Daeron has actually widespread hair, sort of apale brown, nothing unique, however mine is favor Aerion"s and also myfather"s."Dunk and Egg: The Hedge Knight

Similarly, Ser Harwin Strong fathered three bastard sons on Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen , every one of them inherited their real father"s brown hair (But supposedly their legal father was Laenor Velaryon, who didn"t care about gaining cuckolded).

Whatever the reality of these tales, it was shortly announced that theprincess was with kid. Born in the waning days of 114 AC, the boywas a big, strapping lad, with brown hair, brown eyes, and also a pugnose (Ser Laenor had the aquiline nose, silver-white hair, andpurple eyes that bespoke his Valyrian blood). Laenor’s wish to namethe kid Joffrey was overruled by his father, Lord Corlys. Insteadthe child was offered a conventional Velaryon name: Jacaerys (friends andbrothers would call him Jace).The Rogue Prince


Princess Rhaenyra had provided birth to a second son late in the year 115 AC. The kid was named Lucerys (Luke for short). Septon Eustacetells us that both Ser Laenor and also Ser Harwin were at Rhaenyra’sbedside for his birth. Like his brvarious other Jace, Luke had brvery own eyesand also a healthy and balanced head of brvery own hair, quite than the silver-gilt hairof Targaryen princelingsThe Rogue Prince


In 117 AC, on Dragonrock, Princess Rhaenyra bore yet another boy. SerLaenor was at last allowed to name a kid after his fallen friend,Ser Joffrey Lonmouth. Joffrey Velaryon was as huge and also red-faced andhealthy as his brothers, but like them he had brvery own hair, brown eyes,and functions that some at court dubbed common. The whispering beganaget. Amongst the greens, it was an article of faith that the fatherof Rhaenyra’s sons was not her husband also Laenor, but her champion,Harwin Strong.The Rogue Prince

Other than that, King Aegon IV sired a ripe chop of bastards. Three of them were sired on a black courtesan, named Bellenora, Narha and Balerion. Their summary is not provided however considering that Bellenora became recognized as the Babsence Pearl of Bravos, I mean she was black as were her siblings. He also had actually Aegor Rivers, better known as Bittersteel, the founder of Golden Company, via Lady Barba Bracken. The lad had purple eyes from his father however inherited black hair of his mother.

King Aegon V married Betha Blacktimber. His eldest child was a ravenhead. His physical summary is not given but his illustration in TWOIAF shows that he inherited raven locks of his mommy, unfavor his brothers and sisters.


And the majority of Recently, Prince Rhaegar"s children through Elia Martell are good instance. Rhaenys took after her mom and also inherited her dark hair however Aegon took after his father. So among all 3 of Rhaegar"s youngsters, just Aegon took after him while Rhaenys and also Jon took after their mothers.

Historical Half Targaryens via Valyrian features

While it can happen (Half-Targaryens taking after non-Targaryen parent), as we watch proof over, it is not something which constantly happens.

King Aegon V married Betha Blackwood, all of their youngsters were your typical Targaryens except the eldest Prince Dundeserve to the Small, Prince of Dragonflies (See above).

King Daeron II"s all kids were Usual Targaryens except Baelor Breakspear.

King Maekar"s all kids were typical Targaryen other than Daeron Targaryen.

Princess Rhaenyra"s mommy was an Arryn (although Lady Aemma Arryn herself was a half Targaryen and also cousin to her husband), but she was typical Targaryen. Rhaenra"s half siblings Aegon II, Aemond, Daeron and Helaena were all typical Targaryens also despite having a Hightower (Although Alicent Hightower"s hair color is not mentioned) for their mother.

Case of Jon and also Arya

So it shouldn"t be surpclimbing that when Rhaegar (Silver Gold hair) married Lyanna (Brown hair), their kid was born via Brvery own hair as Silver-Gold is a recessive gene, while Brvery own is dominant.

Jon had actually the brvery own hair of Starks, which he inherited from his mother. Arya inherited the exact same from her father.

It would have been less complicated if Arya had actually been a bastard, prefer their halfbrother Jon. She even looked like Jon, through the long confront and brvery own hair ofthe Starks, and also nopoint of their lady mother in her face or hercoloring. AGOT: Sansa I

They both additionally had the Grey eyes of Starks. While everyone wondered that was Jon"s mom who left nopoint of her in him, It was actually his father who left nothing of him in Jon.


In any type of instance, Jon had an excellent sufficient opportunity of acquiring Targaryen outlook however his mother"s genes won and he was born lucky, looking prefer a Stark, making it feasible for Eddard to lie. Otherwise explaining a Valyrian looking bastard would certainly have actually been really difficult. Would have gone somepoint favor this:

Robert: Say Eddard, just how did you sire a Valyrian looking bastard?

Ned: I went to Lys.

Robert: When? You never before had actually the moment to go to Lys.

Ned: Okay you acquired me. I had actually an affair via Queen Rhaella.

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Robert: Rhaella? Hmm I do not check out the timeline match however she was withson when she fled. But her Child was Daenerys Stormborn.