We newly brought in a brand-new enhancement to the household. He is a male kitten, much less than a year old. He is a great cat apart from menial behavioral issues, yet one point that irritates me the the majority of, is that he loves to jump onto my shoulders.It was fun in the start, understanding he wanted to show his affection. Now it is unbearable. He has end up being so daring he jumps on me as soon as i am climbing up the stairs, doing everyday tasks, or even at night as soon as i come house. To top it off, he digs his nails right into my earlier whenever he underestimates the landing zone.

I bet he wouldn"t be fond of me riding him favor a equine. So, just how execute i speak his behavior?

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9 years ago

PLEASE perform not hit him, throw him off or squirt him with anything. Do you understand what type of a cat it is? Jumping onto your shoulders/neck is a trait that some breeds have. I have actually a Burmese cat who has actually wonderful manners about the home - except for a love of jumping on my earlier. I have had actually her 3 years and also have actually lastly persuaded her not to do it - the majority of of the time. I attempt to capture her before she does it and also say No in a firm but kind voice and also relocate ameans so she can not obtain to me. If she does jump up I just say No calmly and also take her to a location she can jump off safely, prefer a chair or her cat tree. Keeping their nails brief helps the scratches.

Yelling or physical pressure will not job-related - persistant kindness will certainly - eventually. Best of luck through your kitty. I adopted my girl from a sanctuary and also she has been an excellent friend.

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9 years ago

Your write-up sounds similar to one I made nearly 2 years earlier. I"ll view if I deserve to discover it and also short article a link.

We involved the conclusion that our cat is component siamese, and that is not uncommon in their nature. My male has actually never before had actually a lot luck landing on my shoulders, he simply scales my earlier. By the time I made my write-up, my earlier was a mass of scratches and I was at my wits end.

I have the right to tell you what operated for me wregarding execute my best to set him up for success. I came to recognize as soon as he was most likely to jump me and also proactively avoided those cases. For example, he would certainly invariably jump me once I was leaning over the bathroom sink washing my hair. Due to the fact that the vanity location is not in the water clocollection, but more in the bedroom, tbelow was no door to shut on the bathroom-- so if I was going to wash my hair, I would certainly just close off the understand bedroom and make sure he wasn"t in tright here. At the occupational table wbelow he favored to jump me, I adjusted my place so it was harder for him to acquire behind me and also jump me- he rarely jumped me from the front.

Time outs functioned well as soon as he appeared choose he was so wound up and also might not manage himself. I would pick him up and also gently deposit him in the understand bedroom, wbelow he had whatever he essential except attention. Close off the door and also leave him tbelow for 15-20 minutes. Typically once he came out he was fine, however sometimes he was still keyed up and also necessary one more round of time out.

I think age has actually mellowed him also. He is 2 years old now and a lot better. He rarely tries to jump me. Knock on timber, it has been quite a while since he did that, yet I still don"t trust him fully.

He also appears to favor to be up high. He has actually a ceiling height cat tree in the family room, however could not obtain up into a high location in the livingroom, wbelow we often spend our time. I have actually a set up for him tright here now wright here he can climb up towers of rubbermhelp tubs (ugly, however not for the lengthy term- I hope) and also obtain on peak of the entertainment center. He did seem favor he gained much better behaved around jumping on me once we offered him even more and also even more vertical spaces to climb.

Good luck to you, I recognize exactly how frustrating it is to have actually a jumper. Out of curiosity, does he only jump you? Or everyone in the house? Our male only had it in for me.

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We have actually Cornish Rex cats and they are infamous shoulder riders. Especially the little girl. As the various other write-ups have actually sassist, certain breeds have certain traits. Ours are brother and also sister and also they are 5 years old. Daily she will jump on my shoulder - he does not do it that regularly. I have learned to watch her body language, facial expression and also her ears. Very basic to tell once she plans on doing it. If she"s on the ground and you can view she plans to jump, I simply back ameans from her and store moving roughly till she provides up. If she"s on the frig and gets that look on her face, I simply move a distance so it"s to far of a jump. The one time as soon as she has actually the upper hand also is when I am going dvery own the basement stairs and also she flings herself at me - learned to cshed the door behind me and also that stops her air-borne supincrease strike. Yes, it is frustrating to have actually a jumper however on the various other hand, they desire to be through you so how can you really get upset? Ours have actually their clegislations, too. This is likewise the cat that uses the one dane as a springboard to get from the floor to whatever she desires to get up on .


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I"m so glad I saw this post!! It"s what I was in search of.It"s good to recognize I"m not alone in this!! I have 3 that do this to me.All have Siamese in them.It has actually gotten to the point of me getting frustrated via them.I recognize it"s bereason they love me and want to be close to me.They don"t understand also it"s very painful.Not just on my earlier however my arms and also legs also.I have cuts all over me from them and I"ve noticed my earlier has scars throughout both shoulders from it.I have actually a high thresh host for pain so I"ve put up with it for awhile.But currently world look at my arms and also it"s hard to describe my cats execute it