Cats will certainly relieve themselves on your tab for many factors. It could be that their litter box is full or is misplaced. Some cats are picky and also would refuse some brands of kitty litter. Also, cat pooping in a tub could be a sign of ditension or sickness.

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Why does my cat poop in the tub?


You are not alone on this one.

Many kind of other pet paleas to exceptional felines have actually come residence to the horror their kitty did.

Doing a poo appropriate in the middle of the tub.

But why does cat poop in a tub?

Common factors for this brand-new and starray actions, also for a trained cat, include;

Litter box issuesCat rejecting litterPsychological problemsHealth issues


Litter box issues

It is not unwidespread for a cat to reject its litter box if they find problems through it.

Cats love to go on clean litter boxes.

If the litter box is complete, they will look for options which may encompass your bathtub, sink, or shower floor.

Another difficulty is if the litter box is not inserted in a convenient location for the cat.

Cats don’t choose readjust if they did not consent out to it.

Also, cats execute not prefer you snooping about as soon as they are doing their business.

Do not meddle in the affairs of cats, for they are subtle and also will piss on your computer

-Bruce Graham

A cat will certainly reject a litter box that is placed in areas through several human web traffic.

The cat would certainly quite look for a personal area like your tub or under your bed.

When cat poops in your tub, there is a good opportunity they perform not choose sharing the litter box.

If you live via two or more cats and tbelow is a rivalry in between them, one cat might overcome the litter box.

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The various other cats need to look for choices.