If you’re a cat owner with shoulder-size or longer hair, you could have run right into your cat biting on your hair. Pulling your hair away from your cat’s paws normally only renders him even more adamant that he will chew on your hair too! Eextremely time this happens, you ask yourself, why does my cat bite my hair?

Your cat bites your hair to display its affection. When your cat bites your hair, he is attempting to clean you, mimicking what they will perform to various other cats. Relieving stress and anxiety, transporting their scent, and also grooming are all reasons why cats might bite your hair.

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Hair biting generally has positive meanings for your cat, so you shouldn’t concern too much. The habits may be annoying, yet your cat mirrors you that he cares about you in his feline means. Keep on analysis to learn more about why cats pick to chew on and bite hair.


Reasons Cats Bite Your Hair

Like many kind of of the points your cat does, tright here is no one factor behind it. Depending on your cat’s personality, your cat biting your hair might intend numerous different points, though the majority of are positive.

Your Cat Is Showing Affection

It sounds like a basic answer, however your cat might be mirroring you affection when he’s biting and chewing on your chair. It’s not your option of affection, yet your cat is doing what he thinks is best for you.

Your Cat Is Trying To Clean You Like Another Cat

Although the majority of human beings would not trade their shampoo for their cat’s tongue, your cat is doing his ideal by trying to clean you. Your cat doesn’t watch you as his humale, but as one more cat, so he’s doing for you what he would certainly perform for any type of other cat.

Your Cat Is Destressing

Chewing on your hair can be a comfortable activity for your cat. It’s your cat’s method of destressing after a triggering event or a lengthy day of you being ameans.

Your Cat Is Looking For Fleas

Much like cleaning, your cat is trying to aid you by trying to find fleas. An adult cat around a kitten could nibble along the kitten’s fur to search for any frents or bugs that might be hiding.

Your Cat Is Feeling Playful

A chomp on your chair might intend that your cat is feeling playful. Your lengthy hair is a lot choose your cat’s favorite toy. Once you begin shaking your head back and also forth while your cat is attacking, your hair becomes an also much better toy!

Why Does My Cat Bite And Pull My Hair

Your cat bites and also pulls on your hair as soon as he is trying to play.

If you have lengthy hair or curly hair of any type of size, then you’ve most likely encountered your cat thinking your hair is the ideal string in the people to play through it.

As annoying as it might be to have actually your cat eating your hair, your cat tries to acquire some of his power out. If you notification that your cat starts to play with your hair when he is bored, then that is an excellent time to have a play session.

A bored cat is likely to acquire into no excellent, and also those sharp nails close to your face absolutely aren’t comforting!

Why Does My Cat Chew On My Hair

Your cat chews on your hair bereason it could be a means that your cat comforts itself.

Non-cat owners seem to think that cats are independent that they dischoose being roughly human being. That isn’t constantly the case. It is hardly ever the instance that cats don’t choose to be around anyone.

If your cat is feeling specifically stressed or upcollection, he may pertained to you. When you snuggle your cat to your chest, he might begin to chew on your hair.

This hair chewing halittle bit have the right to be how your cat finds comfort, a lot like exactly how a baby chews on his hands or feet.

Why Does My Cat Bite My Hair When I’m Sleeping

Your cat doesn’t differentiate the difference between you being awake or sleeping.

Tright here is no one reason why cats favor to bite your hair once you’re trying to get your remainder.

Your cat can be trying to watch if you are still breapoint. If he knows that playing via your hair is a terrific means to wake you up, then he might do that to gain you to wake up.

Cats are also even more active. This indicates that your cat is likely to have some fun with your hair in the time of your prime resting time.

Playing via your hair at night means that your cat deserve to entertain himself while not leaving your side.

Why Does My Cat Bite My Hair After I Shower

As starray as it might sound, your cat might choose the smell of your hair or body after you obtain out of the shower.

Cats deserve to enjoy the scent of your body wash or your shampoo. Cats particularly favor to smell floral scents or warm scents, prefer vanilla or sugar.

I understand this from experience. My mom’s cat waits for her to acquire finimelted in the shower and also will certainly begin to chew on her hair as shortly as she smells it. Her cat likes the smell, and also for cats, all good scents are edible!

How Do I Sheight My Cat From Eating My Hair

Because biting hair is often a sign of affection, it is difficult to stop your cat from eating your hair.

If you don’t desire your cat to chew on or eat your hair, attempt some of these tips:

Keep your hair pulled ago once you’re snuggling via your cat. You will additionally must do this if you sleep via your cat.Pull your cat away once he tries to eat your hair.Restraight your cat’s attention when he goes to chew on your hair. You deserve to carry out this through his favorite toy.

Unfortunately, there’s no quick method to stop your cat from eating your hair. If something works, you will must keep doing it to teach your cats.

I don’t have to tell you that cats are more stubborn than dogs!

Things To Consider

We spent this write-up talking around why your cat bites on your hair. While you mostly must not check out this as aggressive behavior, you likewise have to think around your hair that your cat is chewing on.

You may usage hair commodities to style your hair eexceptionally day. Here are some standard assets that you may usage without even thinking about it:

SerumsHeat protectantsHairsprayHair gel

Now, what does this all have to execute with your cat?

Well, if your cat is chewing on your hair, it might mean that your cat is likewise ingesting hair assets, choose hairspray and also hair gel. You wash your shampoo out, yet you may have actually a leave-in conditioner in your curly hair.

If your cat bites your hair only when in a while, this must not be an concern. After all, you more than likely haven’t put sufficient hairspray in your hair for it to be toxic because the 1980s.

If your cat is a consistent hair-biter, then you could begin to think around other options. You may either have to teach your cat not to chew on your hair or stop using commodities in your hair. Eventually, that choice is going to be one that you have to make.

Typically speaking, you shouldn’t problem if your cat gets a taste of the hair product on your hair. One instance won’t hurt your cat, yet if it happens even more regularly, your cat can end up ingesting fairly a little bit of these harsh chemicals. After a time, it can have adverse effects on your cat’s body.

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This might be one point you never before assumed around, however you need to start to keep it in mind if you have a loving cat that likes to chew and also bite your hair.