2006 Toyota Camry 108K miles. It still has actually manufacturing facility clutch. Since 2 nights earlier, once I action on the clutch pedal and push it dvery own, it has actually begun to make mild squeaking noise that’s type of sounds choose as soon as you are rubbing two difficult rubber surdeals with. This squeak happens whether the engine is running or not, and it’s just as soon as the clutch pedal is going down and not when it’s coming back up. Since the same squeaking noise happens with engine off, I suspect it’s most likely not the clutch disc. The noise is under the dashboard in front of the firewall where my left foot is once sitting inside the auto. What can be the factor for this squeaking? To start the procedure of elimination, what do you advise I lube? What kind of lube carry out I need? Thanks.

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Look for a pivot allude on the clutch pedal and also usage a small light weight oil on it and see if that helps.

A tiny squirt of silicone lubricant on the lever before pivot points should carry out the trick.When my old pickup gained up in age I had to lube the clutch lever before pivot points every few years. It really was no more than a very minor inconvenience.

I sprayed the silicone lube on the spring and also relocating parts of the clutch pedal under the dashboard yesterday, and also so much the squeaking appears to have stopped once the clutch pedal is pressed. Back in January, a mechanic did say my clutch pedal feels difficult. Is it most likely in the time of the past 11 years, the clutch pedal moving parts have gone dry and that is what caused the squeaking to being three days ago? Clutch pedal likewise feels more smooth once I press it so hopetotally clutch itself has not yet worn out enough to warrant replacing it?


Is it most likely in the time of the past 11 years, the clutch pedal moving parts have gone dry and that is what caused the squeaking to being 3 days ago?



Clutch pedal additionally feels more smooth as soon as I press it so hopecompletely clutch itself has not yet worn out sufficient to warrant replacing it?

Dry pedal linkage has actually no result whatsoever before on clutch wear. Only one wear in your ankle bones.


Try changing out the bushings. I bought brand-new ones for my 1979 Celica’s clutch pedal, as I was having the same problem you describe. Lubed brand-new bushings through lithium grease. No even more squeaks.

On my 1984 Chevy Cavalier and my 1999 Honda Civic, one area that squeaked was where the cable ended, or the servant cylinder was located, on the exterior of the clutch real estate where the pedal action gets transcreated into the lever that acts upon the clutch throwout bearing.

On the Cavalier, the squeaking pivot allude was on the external of the clutch real estate, easy to view behind the radiator. I dribbled some light oil - probably Tricirculation or Sturmey Archer oil - a couple or few times, and also as it made its way dvery own, the squeak/creak went away.

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On the Civic, it’s a comparable area, yet under a rubber boot, and difficult to see or feel exactly where to lubricate. I have actually sprayed Tricirculation right into the area under the boot and also that has additionally taken care of it, at least for a few years, once I have to repeat the treatment. I’m cautious not to overexecute it, for are afraid of oiling the clutch friction surencounters. Cshed to 179,000 miles and the Honda’s clutch is still doing fine.