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I simply gained a brand-new Beagle pup the other day. It's pathetic just how he whines constantly when he's delivering his new toy, a sqeaky sphere. Why does he execute that? Does he think it's alive? or is he imitating it?

Posted at 9:32pm Mar 8, 2010 EST


My dog does that, specifically via the soft latex squeaky toys. It's so strange, it's as if he's trying to protect it. The ball sounds favor air is being exhaled after it's been squeezed so possibly he thinks it's a live creature? He's very gentle via this specific toy, unfavor every various other toy he has which he destroys within minutes hah!

Posted at 10:35pm Mar 8, 2010 EST


Lustre, that's exactly it! He treats it choose a priceless living being.

Posted at 11:35pm Mar 8, 2010 EST


I had a six year old *undamaged male tom street cat take on a kitten once. She'd try to nurse off of him and he'd groom her from head to toe. They were entirely inseparable till the day she died at the age of seven, and then he never before completely quit crying for her until the day he passed away, years later and even after we'd moved. He'd take one of her favorite playthings right into the middle of the room and also simply cry, looking about for her to come.*newly embraced at the time, neutered as shortly as he was healthy enough

Posted at 11:41pm Mar 8, 2010 EST

tatty and Oldie are making me tear up. Such sad sweet stories. : (

Posted at 11:45pm Mar 8, 2010 EST

I know...I'm all teary eyed. I LOVE animals...more than some human being.

Posted at 11:57pm Mar 8, 2010 EST

I have a beagle/bascollection, Lulu, that we embraced at 7 months...she never before did that though....although she whines/cries once she has a rawhide and also we don't let her try to bury it in the backyard...then she will take it to the diningroom rug and also attempt to scratch at the carpet like it is dirt...haha.I would certainly simply love to watch a photo of your new pup Dew! What's the name/sex??

Posted at 12:06am Mar 9, 2010 EST

My dog whines simply to whine periodically. If she flings her sphere, or chewie, or whatever before else she's playing through at the time, somewbelow she cant obtain to it she'll look at you and then in the direction of her toy and also whine. I'm loving all the pet stories as well.

Posted at 12:10am Mar 9, 2010 EST

oh, and also i would like to cordially invite you to the Beagles Street Team! over 80 of us beagle and also other breed lovers talk around our pooches and tasks.

Posted at 12:10am Mar 9, 2010 EST out.php?thread_id=6424010&page=1Dew....come on over and say hello sometime!

Posted at 12:12am Mar 9, 2010 EST

My cat chirps if I am talking on the phone to some one I favor and also am near him. As quickly as I hang up he stops.