Whenever before I obtain a phone call on my DROID RAZR MAXX, the phone speaks the words "Verizon Wireless" in a female voice and also then starts playing the ringtone.

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If I put the phone into plane mode, the same female voice states the words "Loss of service". Then when I rotate airplane mode off, she states "Verizon Wireless" again, periodically twice in a row.

What"s going on? What is this feature? How do I enable or disable this?

My phone is running stock JB 4.1.2.


These voices were the outcome of having the so-referred to as "Roaming tone" enabled in the Sound settings.

Strangely, the summary of this setting is:

Roaming tone Set notice tone indeveloping the standing of cellular service

After disabling this choice, she no longer speaks to me once I get a phone speak to or rotate on/off plane mode.

Though I have actually no idea exactly how a speaking voice is thought about a "notification tone"...




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