My phone just charges once I power it dvery own. It does fine off. When powered on it doesn"t charge at all. Please note I am utilizing the cable and also power supply offered with the phone





krodinu2 ,

Have you tried a various compatible charger or a various cable?

It may be that one or the various other is faulty and tbelow is not enough power being offered to carry out both, i.e. run the phone and also charge the battery at the very same time.

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krodinu2 ,

Try the following to prove whether it is a software application difficulty or a hardware problem.

1. Try starting the phone in "safe mode" and then inspect if it charges as soon as it is on.

To permit safe mode:

With the phone turned ON, touch the power essential as if to shutdvery own the phone

Touch and hold the Shut Dvery own option

Tap OK when Rebegin through Safe Setting alternative appears

The phone will rebegin and a safe mode warning will appear in the reduced left corner of the screen

If it charges OK once On in this mode then a downloaded app is the reason of the difficulty. The trick is to find out which one.

To gain out of safe mode simply turn off the phone in the normal manner and rotate it on again

2. If it still doesn"t charge as soon as on then try a manufacturing facility regain (also recognized as a tough reset), using the phone"s manufacturing facility reclaim attribute and then examine if it charges OK when it is on.

Be aware that a tough reset will erase all your data and also downloaded apps. It will reclaim the phone to its" manufacturing facility default problem (or last device updated condition).

Percreate a backup, using the phone"s backup feature before you percreate a manufacturing facility restore .

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If it still doesn"t charge as soon as On in its" manufacturing facility default condition then tright here is a hardware problem

If it charges OK in this mode, using the backup that you made previously, regain the phone via the phone"s regain function. Check that it is still charging OK as soon as On.