I meacertain out the amount of rice said by the bit cup thingy. I rinse it with a bowl and a strainer till the water is clear while rinsing. Then I put the rice in and also fill it to the correct line in my Rice Cooker through fresh water. After food preparation for a tiny while, it automatically starts to boil over and also nasty bubbles start popping out of the little hole in the peak, dumping yucky, sticky water everywhere the area.

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The Rice, as soon as all is said and done, is alideal yet it"s a hell of a mess! What am I doing wrong?



I"ve heard that adding a little olive oil (any kind of kind) have the right to aid with bubbling over.

Otherwise if you do not obtain any answers, take into consideration that your rice cooker might be damaged. If you obtain that far, attempt to borrow someone else"s and also repeat your approach.


How to save a rice cooker from boiling over



save a wet paper towel over the vent


location a wooden stick or string of rope across the container




I simply talked to a pro rice cooker person, he says forget about the instructions, prep the rice as usual, put it in the rice cooker, then include just sufficient water to cover the rice, turn on the rice cooker, and voila, perfect, fluffy rice eextremely time!

perhaps just try reducing the water by a tiny amount at a time, each time you make it, till it functions out right? seems odd to me that also though you are rinsing & measuring your rice, and adding the recommended water, that this would certainly be happening. my rice cooker is foolproof as soon as i follow the directions like that!

Put a little little bit of butter in before food preparation. The fat on the height will certainly prevent the bubbles from enduring for as well lengthy and also therefore not enable it to boil over. The olive oil need to job-related too, however I do not recognize if that has actually the compelled amount of fat needed.

This happens to me, too...in reality that is precisely why I am here, because I was googling for a solution! I will attempt an extra with rinsing of the rice and the butter thing next time. BUT I think the genuine answer is the top quality of the rice itself. When I supplied a greater quality rice (when I initially acquired my rice cooker) I didn"t have actually this problem, of late I have actually not bought the better rice and also I have actually a mess on my hands. So maybe the more aggressive rinsing will help.

Spraying a tiny Olive oil food preparation spray on height of my actively-boiling-over rice made it stop boiling over automatically. Thanks!

You mention you"re using the recommended amount of water according to the rice cooker... have you checked, or tried, the amount of recommended water according to the rice?

Varieties or preparations of rice usage various amounts of water, occasionally differing by rather a bit - I"ve seen them from just under one-cup-per-cup-rice, to three-cups-per-cup-rice. Your rice cooker can"t change the lines to suit the rice, and also might be making assumptions that do not fit the rice you"re making use of.

Personally, we made rice a lot growing up, and also I never noticed the amount of rice we made, or the amount of rice and also water we started with, actually fit the rice cooker"s lines.

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Beyond that, you should more than likely attempt reducing water, even if your rice recommfinished amount of water is sensibly close to the rice cooker"s. You plainly have as well much of it for your rice - the amount of water making your rice come out ideal plus the amount that gets dumped out the vent. And rice is a biological fairly than processed product, choose flour or tea or vegetables, wright here different weather, various years, and also various other minutely various components in expansion, production, and also usage suggests that one batch of also the very same variety of rice may end up being different from another batch - so you may have to tweak recommendations to fit what"s actually going on.